Tips for a Lush Spring Lawn in Virginia Beach, VA

The air is getting warmer, the birds are chirping, and all signs show that spring has sprung! Now is the time to check your lawn and gardens for any possible winter weather damage that harsh Virginia Beach winter supplies and prepare it for the warm, summer months that are to come shortly. With Virginia Beach being located on the east coast, there is not only a high chance of substantial snowfall but a high possibility of a Nor’easter as well meaning that even though there might not be damage seen to the naked eye, there could be some below the lawn’s roots. Here are some tips on how to get your lawn ready for spring growth and the warmer summer months. 

Assess your lawn

Do an overall assessment of your lawn. Look for possible thatching, weeds, dead spots and perhaps even grub. If you notice that you may have an insect problem, this would also be the ideal time to address and take care of those issues as well. Knowing what exactly is happening with your lawn before you move forward will help you treat the lawn properly. Whether you plan on treating your lawn yourself or calling a local Virginia Beach professional, knowing the possible issues that you have will help make the treatment process a lot smoother and faster so that you will be on your way to a much healthier lawn in no time.

Seed or overseed

When spring arrives, and you notice that you have some dead spots, seeding those individual spots is a much better idea than re-sodding your entire lawn. The perfect time to seed would be when temperatures are in the high 50’s and into the 60s. Seeding during a warmer summer is not a good idea because the seed will get a chance to take to its surrounding and start the growth process before the intense heat gets a chance to beat down on it. If you plan on seeding more than just some bare spots, a complete re-seed should be done on cool weather grasses in the fall when the daily averages are consistently cooler so that the lawn has an opportunity to grow.


Weed management is a big task come springtime. With the amount of snow precipitation that the east coast near Virginia Beach receives each winter, weeds find a way to invade your lawn. Weed control products are available for purchase and should be applied early in the spring and will help prevent weeds and even crabgrass from invading your lawn. The herbicide should then be applied again in the summer to ensure that weeds won’t pop up again when the summer rain rolls around.


Most cool weather grasses will have to be fertilized in the Spring to prepare it for the upcoming months. One mistake that many homeowners make is over-seeding their lawn as soon as spring comes. Over-seeding a cool weather grass could potentially be detrimental to your lawn in the long run. If your lawn seems to have really suffered from the cold Virginia Beach winter months, then you can do a light fertilizing in the Spring. Cool weather grasses do a majority of their growth in the fall so, an intense fertilization should be done during the fall months.

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Feature image source: Zillow


Kathleen Johnson