Tips for Winter Lawn Care in Virginia Beach, VA

Winter in the northeast is usually nothing to laugh about, Virginia Beach is one of those places that knows a blustery winter is in store. Virginia Beach lawn care, in particular, will take a brutal impact of the winter weather as it gets massive amounts of snow piled on top of it. There are a few steps that homeowners can take to prevent, or maybe decrease the amount of damage your lawn will suffer from. Here are some tips on steps you should take in the winter to make your spring lawn care even easier.


Core aeration is a great technique for allowing your lawn, particularly the soil, can become fresh again after the hot summer. Aeration is a process that is done to your lawn, by making small holes into the lawn while stirring up the soil from below. This allows the soil to get oxygen, water, and nutrients for the lawn to grow a lush and full green color come springtime.


Winterizing your lawn before the first freeze is the best treatment and tip that a homeowner could take for their lawn. Winterizing the lawn should take place at the end of the summer and into early fall; when winter damage tries to rear its ugly head, the winterization treatment will give your lawn a better chance come spring. A winterizer will contain anti-fungi among other chemicals that will prevent snow mold from taking over your lawn after inches, maybe even feet of snow has accumulated all winter long. The winterization treatments will also give your lawn the necessary nutrients it needs to survive in the colder weather.


A late fall or early winter application of fertilizer is necessary for your grass to continue to grow regularly. This fertilization will give the lawn the necessary nutrients it needs to fight off any fungi or diseases that it may come into contact with, or even crabgrass. Around this same time you will also want to apply a weed control progress so that all of the extra moisture on your grass won’t allow for weeds either. You should check with the brands of products that you are using to see if they can be applied within a short period of time or if you should wait.

Store Your Lawnmower

Yes, you read that correctly, your lawn mower will also need to be “winterized.” All summer long you use your lawnmower to cut the lawn, and while you may keep it clean and in good condition, it still has some “wear and tear”. Use the winter time to remove the blades off of your lawnmower, sharpen them, getting your mower ready for spring. Now is also a great time to get anything replaced and deep cleaned. If there were any diseases on the grass, you won’t want to spread it in the spring when you begin to mow again.

Featured image source: Zillow


Betty Christensen