Spring Lawn Care Tips for Tulsa, OK

Making sure that your lawn is ready for spring activity is important to maintaining a healthy and strong lawn. Many Tulsa homeowners will end up spending more time outside during the transitional seasons like spring and fall due to the hot summer temperatures. Ensure that your lawn is ready to host those bare feet and outdoor parties with these spring lawn care tips for Tulsa.

Test Your Soil

Spring is a great time to test the soil of your lawn to make sure that it has the right amount of nutrients to help sustain maximum growth. There are plenty of do-it-yourself test kits that can be found at any local garden center in order to make this task simple. Testing your lawn soil is helpful in being able to know what your soil needs and how you can help it with specific fertilizers.

Consider Core Aeration

It is very easy for thatch to develop over winter in Tulsa. Thatch is a matted mixture of live and dead roots, stems, and debris that can significantly hinder the amount of nutrients that the lawn system receives. Core aeration is a proven spring lawn care tool that will help to allow nutrients to reach the underlying roots of your lawn. You can rent an aerator or consider hiring a lawn care company to aerate your lawn in order to provide the maximum potential for root care.

“Don’t Bag It”

Create a healthy and more robust lawn by choosing to forego the bag while mowing this spring. The Oklahoma State University Extension encourages residents to “Don’t Bag It” in order to return cut lawn clippings back to the soil. Not only does this practice of mulching the lawn help the soil but it also reduces household solid waste that ends up in landfills. There is no need to bag clippings and dispose of them when they are so good for a healthy lawn.

Feed the Lawn

Slow release fertilizers are a great way to make sure that your lawn is getting the care that it needs in terms of extra energy. Consult your soil test to see what kind of nutrients your lawn needs in order to promote healthy growth. Refrain from using quick release fertilizers, especially when following the “Don’t Bag It” recommendations, in order to keep the fertilizer on the lawn longer and able to feed the lawn slowly over time. It is also important to know what kind of grass you have in your lawn in order to fertilize at the optimal time for your grass type.

Water Less

This may seem counterintuitive to a healthy lawn but studies have shown that watering your lawn on a daily basis for a short amount of time can be damaging. Setting your sprinklers for a quick 10-15 minutes of daily watering teaches your lawn to crave that daily amount of water in order to carry on. The trouble with this is that it creates a shallow root system for the grass and conditions the lawn to expect that daily watering. Instead, consider doing a long soak once or twice a week for an hour in the early morning to allow water to reach down into the soil. This will help grass roots grow stronger and will encourage the lawn to take a better hold into the soil.

Spring lawn care is important to ensuring that your Tulsa area lawn is healthy and strong for a lot of outdoor activities. Consider all of these spring lawn care tips when preparing your lawn for the warmer season full of outdoor fun.

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Featured image source: Zillow Tulsa