Spring Lawn Care Guide for Springfield, MO

As the cold Missouri winter fades into spring, your lawn will come back to life, giving you sunshine, fresh air and the outdoors to spend time in. As the weather warms, your grass is sure to come back and need a little extra care. Many people know to start watering, weeding and feeding more when spring hits, but what exactly can you do to give your lawn the best chance for a good, long year? Here are four tips to getting started with spring lawn care in Springfield.

1. Clean up from the winter

Before you can actually tend to the grass, it’s important to clean up any debris on your lawn. Pick up sticks, leaves, twigs or other organic matter to allow your lawn to get everything it needs this spring. Getting air, fertilizer and water down to the soil is important, but it can’t happen with debris in the way.

2. Reduce winter compaction

The winter can be hard on your soil- it can cause the soil to compact, making it a challenge for water, air or those important nutrients to get through it to the roots. You can aerate your lawn to create holes and allow for these things to get deep into the soil and create a healthy, strong lawn.

3. Start watering again

You probably didn’t water much, if at all, this winter. As the weather warms, you’ll need to start watering again. Watering your lawn has a very fine line between too much and too little. Water lightly in areas that are shaded or oversaturated (like those at the bottom of a hill or slope) and water more in areas that are sunny and dry. You can also get a professional to help you determine what is needed for your lawn.

4. Prep for weed control

As the spring continues, you may have the frustrating problem of weeds popping up everywhere in your yard. In particular, many homeowners see crabgrass as a recurring problem. You can start early with your weed control by applying a pre-emergent herbicide before you even see any weeds. You can follow that up with a post-emergent herbicide if you do notice some weeds that emerge.

Get some help from a pro starting your lawn care routine this spring! Check out our Springfield lawn care page to see how you can foster a luscious lawn.