Should You Tip Your Yard Service?

From providing lawn care services in Orlando, Austin, and Northern Virginia, once in a while, we get questions. Some are questions that we here over and over again. One of these happens to be: “Am I supposed to tip my lawn care service?” We hope to answer this question with this article.

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When, Why, and How to Tip a Lawn Care Service

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When and how to tip is a cause of anxiety for many consumers. With lawn care, it becomes confusing with all the different types of services offered and the frequency of those services. However, when you break it down, the method for tipping for lawn care is quite simple. Ask yourself these questions:

Is this lawn care company providing me regular service?

If this is the case, one option would be to tip them during the holidays. Contractors don’t expect tips, but some customers would like to show appreciation for work that goes above and beyond the norm, according to an Angie’s List article. “If you use a handyman or lawn care professional regularly, give them a $15 to $50 tip once a year – perhaps during the holidays – as a thoughtful ‘thank you,'” they say.

Is this a one time job?

It’s all about quality (and you should be hiring quality lawn care services!). It’s up to you in this case. If the job is amazing, and the set up was easy, feel free to give a couple extra bucks. But don’t feel obligated.  If it was a one-time lawn mowing service, realize that this involves them switching up their entire schedule to accommodate your yard, so you should probably give them a small tip then.

Be Cogniscent of When they Go Above and Beyond

There are many times when your lawn care service will go above and beyond for no other reason than they take pride in their work.  In many cases, they may only break even on the job, so it’s a good idea to recognize their hard work through a tip.

The most common of these is the first mowing service.  If your grass hasn’t been cut in awhile, chances are it took a bit longer to mow.  Additionally, if you’ve been doing it yourself and haven’t had a professional edging job, it may take quite some time for them to put a nice clean edge on your yard.  In cases like these, lawn care services often won’t ask for extra money, but it’s a good idea to recognize their extra work with a tip.

Another instance is when they do a rush job, that involves amending their schedule to work around you.  It’s not easy to change your schedule in the lawn care business, so offering a healthy tip in these instances is not only good practice, but incentivizes them to make special accommodations for you in the future!

After Large Landscaping Jobs

Many times large specialty jobs like flowerbed installation and patio construction take longer than expected, and good contractors will make sure to get your feedback to ensure it’s done to your specifications.  If they surpassed your expectations and gave you something you can be proud of, show your appreciation with a $20-50 tip.  They will remember it.

Get Creative

Sometimes there are better ways than cash to show your appreciation. You can send your regular contractors a gift basket during the holidays. You can give them cold drinks and sandwiches after a job. You can write or call the employer to praise a job well done. According to an eHow article, this can sometimes result in more benefits than a cash tip. In summary, don’t feel obligated to tip, but don’t feel ashamed to show your appreciation for good quality work. And don’t be afraid to get creative in doing so.


Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett is marketer and writer. Aside from mowing lawns, he loves snowboarding, eating sushi, and lifting heavy weights. He moved to Austin, TX after graduating from the University of Wisconsin.