How to Hire a Lawn Care Company in Orlando, FL

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We all want a well-maintained lawn, but with the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for DIY lawn maintenance can be hard. That’s where lawn care companies come in. But how to hire a lawn care company in Orlando, FL, that’s professional, reliable, and cost-effective?

This isn’t an easy task, and separating the good from the bad can be downright difficult. But fear not! We’re here to help you find the best Orlando lawn care company for your needs.

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Why Should You Hire A Lawn Care Company?

A bit of DIY can go a long way, and there’s something extremely satisfying about working on your lawn with your own two hands. But for some of us, the time, energy, and stress saved by outsourcing lawn care are worth more than what you would save by doing it yourself. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to hire a lawn care company:

1. Save Time

There’s that old adage that time is money…and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to DIY lawn care. The task of properly mowing, aerating, mulching, and fertilizing requires expertise. Furthermore, it can take even longer if you’re trying to maintain multiple lawns—say at a business or collective neighborhood residence.

Hard work is hard work, and that includes lawn maintenance. Instead of spending your days deep in DIY tasks, you can use that time to relax, think of new business projects, or spend time with family. Orlando is full of potential opportunities, so make the most of your time!

2. Professional Grade Equipment

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Landscape maintenance companies have access to a ton of professional-grade equipment that will definitely be hard (and expensive) to buy for yourself. Moreover, these professionals know how to use what they have to maximum effect — something that might take some trial and error for you.

While you can always rent the equipment, it can end up costing you more. On the other hand, when you hire a professional lawn care company, they already own the equipment they need and use it multiple times while servicing different clients, making it more cost-effective for you in the long term. 

3. Avoid Liability Issues

What’s worse than someone breaking something on your property? Most likely, having to pay for it yourself. Good lawn care companies are licensed and insured, meaning if they break (or damage) something while working at your property, their insurance will cover the costs without you having to chip in. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business with a lawn to care for, hiring the right lawn care company will save you time and money while avoiding any unwanted liability issues. This is the main benefit of hiring a professional lawn care company over the kid down the street. 

4. Get The Job Done Right

Central Florida isn’t just known for its beautiful landscape but also for the occasional surprise – such as invasive plants, insects, or other pesky visitors. A professional lawn care company will be able to identify and eliminate these problems, saving you the worry and stress of tackling them yourself.

Whether you’re interested in landscaping services, mulching, aeration, fertilizing, pest control, or anything else for that matter, a reliable and experienced lawn care company will have the resources and expertise to get the job done right.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Lawn Care Company 

Now that we’ve gone through the reasons why you would consider hiring a lawn care company in Orlando, it’s time to determine which questions you should be asking potential lawn care companies. 

Don’t rush into your decision – you want a long-term relationship so you can get the best possible results. Here are seven questions you should definitely ask in your quest to find the right company.

1. “Do You Have Any Reviews or References?” 

Any quality lawn care company should have reviews or references for you to look at. While you can’t expect all of the reviews to be perfect rainbows and sunshine – there may be something that went wrong with a particular job – it’s important that the company is willing to show transparency and has enough reviews/references for you to be satisfied.

Go with your gut on whether or not the references are good enough. If they give you a few too many bad references, it’s probably a sign that you should look elsewhere. 

2. “Are You Licensed and Insured?” 

It would be all too easy to work with a lawn care company that isn’t licensed or insured, but this would likely end badly for you. It might seem nice to have someone work on your property at a discounted price – but you must remember that if any issues arise, there could be serious liability implications. 

For maximum protection, it’s highly recommended that you only hire a licensed and insured lawn care company. This is something we take seriously at LawnStarter. We won’t work with anyone who isn’t fully licensed and insured to operate this type of business. 

3. “How Many Mowing Hours Do You Go Through Before Changing/Sharpening Blades?”  

The last thing you want is for your lawn to look terrible due to dulled blades on the mowers. Ask the company how often they sharpen/change out their blades – anything more than 10 hours between sharpening/changing should be a red flag. 

While 10 hours may seem too frequent, having dull blades on a mower is an easy way to ruin your lawn’s appearance and make it look like a patchy quilt. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to having a nice-looking lawn, and you can tell a lot about the quality of service by this question. 

4. “Do You Require A Contract?” 

One-time jobs are certainly more hassle than regular service for many lawn care companies, so many of them require contracts for regular lawn care. 

A better alternative is to build a long-term relationship based on trust and quality service rather than keeping customers tied to a legally binding contract. No matter the answers you get, remember that you are the customer, and it is your responsibility to make sure any contracts are fair. 

5. “How Long Have You Been in Business?” 

If you’re lucky, you will find a lawn care company that has been in business for many years. While this doesn’t always guarantee quality service, being in business for a long time usually means the company has made good on its promises to enough customers to stay around. 

On the other hand, it’s always best to look for quality over length. Even if a company has only been around for a year or two, it may have very satisfied customers and a high-quality portfolio. 

6. “Can I Pay with a Credit Card?” 

In this day and age, everyone wants convenience – we don’t want to pay our bills with checks or cash when there are debit/credit options. But when it comes to companies whose services you hire on a regular basis, the availability of digital payment methods goes beyond convenience; it’s necessary. 

A company that lacks the capability for digital payments won’t be able to offer the convenience and ease of use of rescheduling services, adding services, or changing payment options that you’d be able to do with a credit/debit card. Make sure the company does accept credit payments because it will make your life much easier in the future. 

7. “How Can I Reach You If I Have Questions?” 

We all hate those companies that are completely unreachable after you’ve hired them. What’s the point of spending good money if you can’t get ahold of the company with any questions or problems?

To ensure your questions are answered in a timely fashion, opt for a company that uses email and texting as their communication methods. If they are reachable and don’t leave you in the dark after you’ve hired them, then it’s highly likely they will provide excellent service down the line. 

8. “What Products and Techniques Do You Use?” 

When it comes to safe lawn care, don’t settle for any less than the best. Quality products will ensure your lawn is healthy and looks good long-term – not just in the immediate future. 

Ask your potential lawn care company what products they use and how often they will use them. There are certain techniques and products they should be using to ensure that your lawn is as safe and green as possible, no matter what season it is. 

9. “What’s the Level of Expertise and Tenure of Your Team?” 

What’s the point of investing in lawn care if you don’t know that your contractor has the expertise necessary to ensure a job well done? Before hiring a company, it’s important to make sure their team is composed of professionals with years of experience. 

You should also ask the specific pro assigned to your property about their experience and knowledge. This adds an extra layer of security when you know someone experienced is taking on the job. 

Tips for Hiring A Lawn Care Company in Orlando

Orlando is full of lawn care companies – both good and bad. Keep the following points in mind when selecting the perfect one for you: 

1. Don’t Let Price Be The Sole Determinant

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Cheaper isn’t always better. While you can use a little bit of price shopping to compare services, price should not be the only factor when it comes to lawn care – quality and reliability are just as important (if not more).  

Look at the level of expertise offered by each company and make sure they use quality products. It’s worth paying a bit extra for security, peace of mind, and results you can be proud of. 

2. Look at Their Quality of Service 

When selecting a lawn care company, look at the references and pictures of their work that they may have. This should give you a good indication of what kind of quality service you’re getting. 

It’s also best to take recommendations from trusted family, friends, or even that one neighbor with the most enviable lawn. While companies may boast about their services, you can never go wrong with the experienced advice of someone who has hired them in the past. 

3. Don’t Settle for Less Than Professionalism 

You want a company that is professional, honest, and welcoming. You don’t want a company that is going to show up at your house and do the job without you knowing anything about them.

You should be able to connect with the people you are dealing with and get into a business relationship based on trust and quality.

In Orlando, there’s no shortage of good lawn care professionals., but it’s important that you find a company that puts professionalism at the top of their list. 

4. Get Everything In Writing

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There’s nothing worse than a contractor claiming they’re doing something and then not following through, so make sure to get everything in writing. This can cover fees, services performed, the timing of services and completion dates, etc. 

It’s also important to get a contract that contains a cancelation policy, so you know what’s expected when terminating the partnership with the lawn care company and how much it will cost. 

5. Build A Long-Term Relationship

Orlando’s lawns don’t just need care in summer – they need care all year round. By establishing a long-term relationship with the same lawn care company, you’ll develop a bond that should lead to faster services, better quality, and better value.

A long-term relationship also demonstrates your commitment to quality lawn care and should incentivize your chosen company to invest in the best products and employ well-trained staff. All your lawn care needs will be taken care of in a way that best suits your lawn.

FAQ About Hiring A Lawn Care Company in Orlando

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawn Care Company?

Whether you live in Orlando or elsewhere, the cost of lawn care services will vary according to the complexity of the job, the size of your lawn, and any special considerations like extra services needed.

Orlando is known to be a bit pricier than other areas, but the cost savings of professional services will save money in the long run. For lawn mowing services alone, expect to pay around $29 to $65 per visit. Leaf removal will cost between $81.25 to $464.75, while yard cleanups can cost from $170.50 to $374.30.

What’s the Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping Services?

Lawn care services are all about keeping your lawn looking great with regular maintenance and upkeep. Landscaping services are focused on creating a visually appealing or easy-to-maintain landscape and garden area.

The Orlando area is known for its lush landscape, so it’s important that you have professionals who know what’s best. From flower beds and grass cutting to tree trimming and weed removal, landscaping services can create a true outdoor oasis.

Can a Lawn Care Specialist Tell Me What Plants Will Thrive in Orlando?

Whether you’re new to the area or want an update on what plants will thrive in Orlando, a professional lawn care specialist can help.

From citrus trees to flowers and even grass types, they know what time of year to plant, how and where to fertilize best, and which plants should be pruned and when. Their knowledge can make all the difference in keeping your lawn looking pristine in the hot and humid months.

How Can I Prepare For a Lawn Care Service Company Visit?

Have you ever had a crew show up to your home and be unable to complete their work because of something simple that you overlooked? It happens more often than you think.

To avoid any misunderstandings, it’s always best to prepare your property for lawn service beforehand. This means things like removing any toys, hoses, furniture, or other obstacles in your yard before the crew arrives. If your service includes the backyard, make sure the gate is unlocked and easily accessible. 

Also, remember to clearly establish the expectations you have from your local lawn care company prior to their arrival. For an excellent job and quick results, proper preparation is the key.

Does a Lawn Care Business Need Any Training or Licensing?

Yes. Companies providing lawn care services must be licensed in order to operate legally in the state of Florida. Orlando has its own licensing requirements for companies that offer lawn maintenance services.

The employees working for the company must also be trained in the safe and efficient operation of lawn care equipment and be knowledgeable about the type of products used. Without proper licensing and training, there is no guarantee that you will get a quality job done according to legal standards.

Are Driveways and Sidewalks Included in a Basic Lawn Care Service?

This can vary depending on the company. Some lawn care services will include cleaning driveways, sidewalks, or patios in their basic services, while others may require an extra fee. This is why it’s important to ask all of your questions before signing a contract.

Many companies will offer one-time services for an additional fee, such as pressure washing or dethatching, and some may include these services in the initial package.

A Better Lawn Care Experience in Orlando

We all love a well-manicured lawn that looks beautiful and inviting at any time of the year. Finding the best lawn care services to take on this task will make all the difference in your lawn’s success, so use these tips to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring Orlando lawn care services.

All that’s left for you to do is shop around, ask questions, and choose the company that best suits your needs. Once you find your go-to lawn care provider, sit back and enjoy a lush, green lawn whenever you walk out of your home – one you can be proud of!

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