Winter Lawn Care Tips For Residents in El Paso, TX

Most people don’t realize that Texas can get its share of harsh winter weather as with most of the United States. Sure, winters in El Paso are not as long or severe as northern winters but, it can get pretty chilly. Homeowners must prepare their homes and yards for the cold bursts so that they are healthy and strong and ready for growing season. Check out these tips so that you can adequately prepare your yard in El Paso, TX for a lush spring.


Raking your lawn may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it’s a simple task. Rake your lawn to rid it of the leaves and any other trash or debris that may have accumulated onto it throughout the summer and early fall. This will keep your lawn healthy and able to “breathe” while getting the necessary oxygen and nutrients to be prepared for the winter and then essentially the spring. It may not be as intense as core aeration, but it is definitely enough to get leaves and debris up that make suffocate the lawn in the coming months.


Doing this throughout the season is a necessity to ensure that the grass free of pests and diseases. You’ll want to add a winter fertilizer to your lawn before the cold weather arrives. This winter fertilization will give your lawn an increased amount of density and will allow it to fight off winter weeds. For most lawn types, a winter fertilizer should contain nitrogen but check with a lawn care professional to find out how much nitrogen your grass type needs.


This is actually a step that many people don’t consider. The ideal temperature for mosquito breeding grounds is around fifty degrees so, the southern United States is the perfect location for mosquitoes to find a breeding place. Before the temperature drops, walk around your property and empty any flower pots, bird baths, or anything that can accumulate water so that mosquitoes won’t be able to infiltrate. If you aren’t sure how much water is enough for a mosquito, just know that Mosquitoes will lay eggs in a space as small as a water bottle lid, so if you see any water on your property, definitely find a way to remove it.

Monitor Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system, winter is the opportune time to have it repaired of any problems and serviced by a professional. If your climate is going to drop significantly, a professional irrigation technician will assure that all of the piping is clear and dry and if necessary will apply a winterization solution to ensure that the pipes won’t crack or break in the colder temperatures. You might also want to mark your sprinkler heads with a small stake, a small sign that there are sprinkler heads so that way they won’t get run over by anything in the winter.

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Featured image source: Pixabay


Betty Christensen