A view of downtown Houston, Texas with landscape trees
Houston, TX

How to Landscape with Trees in Houston

As the eighth-most expansive city in the country, Houston’s sprawl makes accommodating landscape trees easy — and mandatory, too. The local Tree and Shrub Ordinance requires the planting of at least one tree, depending on lot size, so let’s explore the many ways you can landscape with trees at your […]

A two-story home with the American and Texan flags flying, surrounded by tall and short palm trees
Houston, TX

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Houston

Houston, we have a problem. The problem is boring landscapes. Does your yard look the same as all the others in your neighborhood? You can transform your southwestern yard into a tropical oasis with these tips and ideas on how to landscape with palm trees in Houston. Challenges of Planting Palm […]

Pool Patio
Houston, TX

How to Landscape Around a Pool in Houston

It’s a boiling Houston summer, your muscles are tense, and the office has you stressed –– what you need is a dip in the pool. The only problem is, your backyard swimming pool has never looked more uninviting. Turn your poolscape around with these tips and tricks for landscaping around a […]