A swimming pool in front of a white house surrounded by palm trees

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Miami

What’s your Miami vice? Ours is palm trees. You can find their iconic arching trunks and feathery fronds everywhere in Miami: lining the streets downtown, dotting the world-famous beaches, and giving local landscapes a tropical flair. There may be no other city more suited for landscaping with palm trees than […]

Pool Landscape

How to Landscape Around a Pool in Miami

Bring the beach back to your Miami backyard, pop the champagne, and revamp your pool. Bright lights, low-maintenance plants, and outdoor entertainment –– these pool landscaping tips and tricks will help you kick back and relax after work and party on the weekends. 10 Ways to Landscape Around Your Miami Pool […]

Zoo animal manure composting
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Dung Deal: Zoos Offer Animal Compost for Lawns, Gardens

It’s a movement that has swept the nation, with the sweeping taking place behind elephants, giraffes, zebras and hippos: Zoos across the United States gather, compost and sell their animal waste to homeowners to beautify their gardens and lawns. “A lot of people tell us their gardens look amazing because […]

miami gardening
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Hardiness Heat Zone Map For Miami Gardeners

If you’re a gardener, you’re familiar with the color-coded map on the back of seed packets and plant tags. The USDA Hardiness Zone Map informs us which plants can handle the winter in your area. But here in Miami, it’s not the cold that concerns us. Heat plays a significant […]

summer lawn miami

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Miami, FL Homeowners

Florida is heaven on Earth for long-time residents, snowbirds, and vacationers, but Miami residents know that living in a sunny paradise requires special care. The following summer lawn care tips can help to keep your back and front yards green and lush in the city’s hot, humid climate. Whether you […]