A swimming pool in front of a white house surrounded by palm trees

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Miami

What’s your Miami vice? Ours is palm trees. You can find their iconic arching trunks and feathery fronds everywhere in Miami: lining the streets downtown, dotting the world-famous beaches, and giving local landscapes a tropical flair. There may be no other city more suited for landscaping with palm trees than […]

Two small palm trees in the foreground with various shrubs in the background
Tampa, FL

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Tampa

From its spot smack dab in the middle of Florida’s west coast, Tampa has access to all the best the state has to offer. That includes beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and tropical flora and fauna. And no tropical plant is more iconic than the palm tree, especially in Florida. Palm […]

Tampa, FL

How to Landscape Around a Pool in Tampa

Twinkling string lights, a charming pool house, a plate full of crunchy Tampa Cuban sandwiches –– if this doesn’t sound like your Tampa pool, then it’s about time for a makeover. You may have your sunscreen and flip-flops ready, but that cracked patio and broken grill sure don’t signal fun […]

Pool Landscape

How to Landscape Around a Pool in Miami

Bring the beach back to your Miami backyard, pop the champagne, and revamp your pool. Bright lights, low-maintenance plants, and outdoor entertainment –– these pool landscaping tips and tricks will help you kick back and relax after work and party on the weekends. 10 Ways to Landscape Around Your Miami Pool […]

A white building with a palm tree in the front yard
Orlando, FL

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Orlando

Orlando’s hot and humid Central Florida climate can seem like a curse in the summer, but it’s perfect for growing beautiful palm trees. Why not take advantage of Orlando’s weather and plant some palm trees as part of your landscaping? With more than 2,500 species of palm trees, your design […]