Fall Lawn Care Tips for Colorado Springs, CO

Fall in Colorado Springs is when trees change into the same orange hue as the neighboring mountains. Visitors and residents experience cool drafts of autumn air as they visit local festivals or dine out. In general, a visit outdoors during this season is a scenic display, and your lawn should be considered part of the picture. Here are five fall lawn care tips to help with that.

1. Choose The Right Fertilizer

Fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn because it helps give grass the nutrients it needs to endure the upcoming winter. Choosing the right fertilizer is an important first step—you should check your grass type, and if you want to be particularly precise, you can order a soil test.

2. Reduce The Amount You Water

Your lawn won’t need as much water as it did during the summer because the weather has cooled off and the days are shorter. By October, you should reduce water less and check the hydration of your soil. Take a screwdriver or a tool and wedge it into the ground: if it slides in easily, it’s hydrated. You should also not water right after rainfall or light snowfall.

3. Aerate

Foot traffic on your lawn can compact the soil, preventing crucial nutrients from reaching the roots. If that’s the case, you need to aerate your lawn. Aeration pokes holes into the soil and allows water, seed, and, fertilizer to enter deeper. It’s important to use a lawn aerator, and not a spike. You can either rent one or hire a professional.

4. Clean Up Your Yard

Raking fallen leaves is surprisingly important for your lawn. Leaf build-up can choke your lawn and prevent water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Furthermore, pests such as grubs can fester and flourish under leaf piles, so use a rake to clear away the debris.

5. Prepare Your Irrigation Systems For Winter

This is one of the final steps you need to take before the winter season hits. With freezing temperatures arriving, you need to make sure systems, such as your sprinklers, are shut down so water doesn’t freeze within the pipes and other fittings. Otherwise, they may burst.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Colorado Springs lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Colorado Springs, we provide lawn care services to other Colorado cities, including Denver.

Featured image source: Zillow Colorado Springs