ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer – Carbon Fiber [Review]

string trimmer cutting weeds and grass

We tested the ENHULK 58V 16″ Cordless Electric String Trimmer and were wowed by its power. Although it costs less than its competition, it’s lighter, stronger, and more powerful. 

Our review dives deep into the trimmer’s performance, ease of use, durability, and value. Then, we provide our final verdict on who should buy this trimmer, followed by a handy string trimmer buying guide


The ENHULK 58V 16” String Trimmer has the following specs:

  • Cutting swath: 16 in. 
  • Dimensions: 70″L x 9″W
  • Line feed: Bump
  • Max runtime: 45 minutes
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Speed: 4,800 – 6,300 RPM
  • Warranty: 4-year tool / 2-year battery
  • Weight: 9.8 lb. (with the battery)
Battery 58-volt, 2.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charger 2.3A charger
Trimmer linePro-grade 0.095 in. dual twist line (also compatible with 0.080 in. line)

String Trimmer Rating

Overall Grade: A

Ease of Use23/25

Where to buy: You can buy the ENHULK trimmer from Amazon or the AiDot Store. Our readers can save 15% at Amazon checkout by using the code entrimmer.

Keep reading as I dive deep into this string trimmer’s performance, ease of use, durability and value. (And check out my video review below too.)

Field Test

We tested the trimmer on two yards to get a full view of its:

person using string trimmer for weeds
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter


ENHULK’s 58V 16″ String Trimmer is the most potent battery-powered weed whacker I have ever used. It has three preset speeds:

  • Eco: Extends runtime and provides a gentle touch for delicate areas
  • High: Swiftly slices tall grass and weeds
  • Turbo: Provides a power boost for trimming weeds that are extensively long and thick

With a 16-inch cutting swath, the ENHULK String Trimmer allows homeowners to complete their yard work quickly and easily. Its lengthy runtime means most people can trim their entire yard on a single battery charge. And with its long shaft, it’s easy to trim hard-to-reach vegetation. 

Cutting power25/25

Cutting Power

person using string trimmer in lawn
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

As someone who typically uses gas-powered equipment, I was pleasantly surprised by the trimmer’s potent cutting power.

I was able to do most of my trimming in Eco Mode. I used High Mode for the tall, thick weeds by my pine tree forest. It sliced through them like a hot knife through butter. Even extensively thick overgrown weeds were no match for the trimmer’s Turbo Mode


closeup of grass in a lawn
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Eco mode is excellent for precision trimming, including crisp, clean edges around lawns and landscaping. I was impressed by its results.

Many high-powered weed eaters, such as the Ego Power+ ST1523S, do well with heavy-duty trimming but handle precision like a bull in a china shop. In contrast, the ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer can handle dense weeds and delicate areas with precision. 


closeup of enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

The ENHULK String Trimmer has a max runtime of 45 minutes. In my experience, many battery-powered tool manufacturers state an unobtainable max runtime, but that’s not the case with ENHULK.

I trimmed my buddy’s heavily wooded 1-acre yard in about 30 minutes, and the battery had about 20% of its charge remaining. My yard took only 12 minutes, and the battery still had about 70% charge. 

Ease of Use

This trimmer is lightweight, simple to assemble, and easy to operate.

Ease of Use A
Speed Control5/5
Line feed5/5


picture showing parts of ENHULK string trimmer
Photo Credit: Screenshot from Enhulk’s How-To Video

It’s easy to assemble. To set up the string trimmer:

  1. Unfold the trimmer.
  2. Align the holes on the shaft and insert the shaft locking bolt. Turn the shaft locking bolt to tighten.
  3. Using a screwdriver, attach the safety guard with the included bolts.
  4. Attach the handle and secure it with the handle locking bolt.
  5. Insert the battery.

Because it isn’t tool-less, we gave the trimmer 4/5 for assembly. However, the only tool used is a Phillips screwdriver. 

The trimmer’s tool-less adjustments include:

  • Folding the shaft
  • Adjusting its handle
  • Loading new trimmer line
closeup of enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Battery Removal: The battery is easy to remove with its quick-release button. Even with my long nails, I can do it in a jiff.

closeup of enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Additionally, you can use the same battery with other ENHULK 58V series power tools, including the ENHULK Pro Series 930 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower. I also have the leaf blower, and with its powerful blow force, cleanup is a cinch. You can buy the blower from Amazon or the AiDot Store.

Speed Control

closeup of enhulk string trimmer showing speed control buttons
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

The trimmer has 3 pre-set speed modes. Adjust the trimmer’s mode by pressing a button. The button is easy to reach and effortless to engage. To increase speed, simply squeeze its variable speed trigger.

Line feed

closeup of enhulk string trimmer with grassy background
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

ENHULK’s Quick-Load Bump-Feed Trimmer Head is very user-friendly. Inserting a new spool doesn’t require disassembly. While working in the yard, it just takes 2 to 3 trimmer head taps to feed fresh line.  


person holding enhulk 58v string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

When it comes to comfort, the ENHULK 58V String Trimmer is king. It’s lightweight, well-balanced, and easy to maneuver. I’m just 4’11” and 120 pounds, and trimming my yard was effortless. 

Here are its highlights:

  • Lightest in its class: It weighs just 9.8 pounds (including the battery), making it the lightest 16-inch string trimmer I could find. Its carbon fiber shaft is longer and lighter than most models. Additionally, it has a lightweight brushless motor and an efficient battery. I can carry the trimmer single-handedly. 
  • Built-in arm support: ENHULK designed the trimmer with a comfy spot to rest your arm. 
  • Vibration-reduction: Its low-vibration brushless motor and vibration-dampening carbon fiber shaft increase comfort.
  • Adjustable handle: It has an adjustable D-shaped auxiliary handle with a sturdy grip. 
person holding enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter
person holding enhulk string trimmer with text overlay
Photo Credit: ENHULK


The ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer is powerful and easy to use, but will it last? The short answer is yes. Like a deep-rooted oak tree, the trimmer stands strong against adversity. 

Trimmer line2/3

Carbon Fiber Shaft

carbon shaft cable of enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Its carbon fiber shaft is extremely durable:

  • Carbon fiber vs. steel: Carbon fiber is about five times stronger and twice as stiff.
  • Carbon fiber vs. aluminum: Carbon fiber is about four times stronger and 70% stiffer.
  • Resistance: Carbon fiber is highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and pull force.
  • Lifespan: Scientists speculate that carbon fiber parts will last over 50 years. 
  • Vibration: Carbon fiber absorbs vibration better than steel or aluminum. 


Its advanced brushless motor is potent, quiet, and low-maintenance. Housed inside aluminum alloy, the motor is fully protected. Additionally, a dedicated fan keeps the motor cool.

internal image of enhulk string trimmer motor
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

My buddy Jeff is a lead technician at Ring Container Technologies, so I asked him to open the trimmer to look at the motor. He said it appears to be high-quality and in tip-top shape. 


The trimmer head is highly durable and didn’t receive any damage while trimming my yard or my friend’s yard. 

closeup of head of enhulk string trimmer
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Trimmer Line

It comes with a pro-grade, 0.095-inch dual twist trimmer line, but is also compatible with 0.080-inch string. The quality of the included line is slightly better than I expected.

grown up grass alongside a fence
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

In my yard, the line didn’t break even when faced with fierce weeds. However, I don’t have a metal fence.

I also tested the trimmer on my buddy Jeff’s yard. He has a chain-link fence, and the line broke a few times along it. Even with the line breaking, I completed his 1-acre yard in about 30 minutes using about 10 feet of trimmer line


The weed eater comes with a 4-year tool warranty and a 2-year battery warranty. The tool warranty is slightly longer than average, and the battery warranty is typical. 

ENHULK Warranty Typical Warranty Range
Tool4 years2 – 5 years
Battery2 years2 – 3 years

Most cordless electric string trimmer warranties are between 2 and 5 years, with the average lasting about 3.6 years. A 2 or 3-year warranty covers most lithium-ion power tool batteries. 


Now, let’s talk turkey. We were shocked to see that ENHULK’s flagship string trimmer is affordable compared to competing cordless models.

Bang for your buck5/5


I sifted through the shelves of Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart and am pleased to proclaim that ENHULK makes the most affordable 16-inch cordless electric trimmer.

You can purchase the ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer with a carbon fiber or aluminum shaft:

  • Aluminum Shaft: It costs over 30% less than the average 16-inch cordless electric trimmer and 16% less than the average battery-powered model, regardless of cutting swath. Among gas and battery models, it’s the most affordable 16-inch trimmer I could find.
  • Carbon Fiber Shaft: It costs over 15% less than the average 16-inch cordless electric trimmer and about as much as the average battery-powered model, regardless of cutting swath. 
Cost of ENHULK 58V 16” Trimmer – Aluminium$179*
Cost of ENHULK 58V 16” Trimmer – Carbon Fiber$225
Average 16” Cordless Electric Trimmer$265
Average 16” Gas-Powered Trimmer$190
Average Cordless Electric Trimmer$215

*The above table is based on prices at the time of publishing. Prices are subject to change.

Coupon Code: ENHULK is offering our readers a better bargain. Use the code entrimmer at Amazon checkout to receive 15% off your string trimmer purchase. The offer expires on July 1.

Bang for Your Buck

Although affordable, the ENHULK trimmer is lighter and more powerful than its competitors, giving homeowners the best bang for their buck.

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Wide cutting swath
✓ Lightest in its class
✓ Long runtime
✓ Foldable shaft
✓ Durable
✓ Potent
✓ Affordable
✓ Ergonomic
✗ Trimmer line sometimes breaks on metal fences
✗ Many lithium-ion batteries come with a longer warranty

Our Verdict

The ENHULK 58V 16″ Cordless Electric String Trimmer is the best bargain buy for homeowners with hearty weeds. High-quality battery-powered lawn tools typically cost a pretty penny, but ENHULK managed to keep the trimmer’s cost low. 

Because the trimmer is lightweight and ergonomic, it’s also the best option for homeowners with a big yard and small stature (like me). However, I’d recommend this trimmer to anyone. It’s powerful, user-friendly, durable, and affordable.

Buyer’s Guide

To buy the best string trimmer, please consider the following:

How String Trimmers Work

String trimmers (also called weed eaters or weed whackers) help homeowners keep a clean yard with pristine edges. Their long shafts reach weeds, ground cover, and grass in places a lawn mower can’t, including:

  • Lawn edges
  • Fence lines 
  • Beneath trees and decks
  • Around patios and pools
  • Inside garden beds

Attached to the shaft is a rotating trimmer head. A special spool of string called a trimmer line feeds through the head. As the head rotates, its string speedily spins, giving the trimmer enough cutting power to slice through tall weeds and grass.

Power Sources

When selecting a string trimmer, you have the following power sources to choose from:

  • Battery-powered trimmers (like the ENHULK 58V String Trimmer) are cordless and convenient. They’re also low maintenance and emissions-free. However, they have limited runtimes, and some batteries take hours to charge. The best battery-powered string trimmers can complete your yard on a single battery charge.
  • Corded electric trimmers are the most affordable. They have unlimited runtime and don’t expel emissions, but their extension cords keep you on a leash. The best-corded trimmers are great for homeowners with small yards and budgets.
  • Gas-powered trimmers typically offer the best bang for your buck, but the ENHULK trimmer gives gas a run for its money. Gas trimmers are high-maintenance, and they expel smelly fumes. However, homeowners who want the most powerful trimmer that money can buy should check out the best gas string trimmers.

Cutting Swath

Cutting swath, cutting width, and cutting area all mean the same thing — the diameter of a trimmer’s cut. A broader swath cuts more weeds with each pass, thus shortening the time it takes to trim. 

The ENHULK 58V String Trimmer has a 16-inch cutting swath
Photo Credit: ENHULK

The table below shows the typical range of cutting swaths for residential string trimmers by power source.

Cutting Swath
Battery-Powered12 – 16 in.
Corded13 – 17 in.
Gas-Power13 – 20 in.

Trimmer Line

When shopping for string, consider the following trimmer line characteristics:

  • Line diameter: Some electric string trimmers use a line as thin as 0.065 inches, while heavy-duty commercial trimmers use strings as thick as 0.115 inches. Thicker weed eater string cuts through denser plants.
  • Shape: The most common trimmer line shape is round. It’s smooth and durable but prone to breaking along wire fences. Square-shaped string cuts crisper and deeper than round. Star, plus, and X-shaped trimmer lines make clean cuts with more cutting power than square or round lines.
  • Design: Twisted cutting line vibrates less, making it quieter and more comfortable. It also breaks less often along wire fences. Serrated string is loud but forceful and a common choice for commercial trimmers.
  • Material: Trimmer line is typically nylon, but the nylon blend varies. Blending nylon with glass, metal, or composite makes it more durable.  

The table below shows the range of trimmer line diameters typically used by various types of trimmers. 

Line Diameter 
Corded electric trimmers0.065 – 0.080 in.
Battery-powered trimmers0.065 – 0.095 in.
Gas-powered trimmers0.095 in.
Commercial trimmers0.095 – 0.155 in.

Shaft Style

String trimmers may have one of the following shaft styles:

  • Straight shafts are the most common shaft style and are also the strongest. They have the best resilience and the most potent cutting power.
  • Curved-shafts are less durable than straight-shafts and typically have a shorter reach. However, they cost less and are easier to maneuver around landscaping.
  • Telescopic shafts adjust in height to suit reach. 


Lighter trimmers are more comfortable to use, especially for extended periods. However, trimmers with a broader cutting swath tend to weigh more. 

The following table shows string trimmer weight by power source.

Average WeightTypical Range
Battery-powered10 lb.6 – 14 lb.
Corded electric11 lb.7 – 15 lb.
Gas-powered12 lb.10 – 15 lb.


Corded electric trimmers are the cheapest, and gas-powered models are the most expensive, as shown in the table below.

Average PriceTypical Range
Corded electric$70$55 – $85
Battery-powered$215$80 – $350
Gas-powered$240$125 – $355

The next table shows the average cost of string trimmer by cutting swath.

Cutting SwathAverage Price
10 – 12 in.$95
13 – 14 in.$130
15 – 16 in.$215
17 – 18 in.$260
20 in.$425

FAQ About String Trimmers

What’s the best battery voltage for a string trimmer?

The best cordless electric string trimmers run on 20- to 58-volt batteries. 

What is the toughest trimmer line for residential lawns?

Twisted trimmer line stands strong against concrete and fences. 

How often do you replace a string trimmer’s battery?

Most string trimmer batteries need replacing every two to five years. 

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