7 Best Battery-Powered String Trimmers of 2024 [Reviews]

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Battery-powered lawn care tools, such as string trimmers, are becoming more popular every year because they’re convenient and eco-friendly. But what’s the best battery-powered string trimmer for you?

We compared battery-powered models from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart and found the top trimmers. To help you choose the best trimmer for you, we provide detailed reviews, comparable specs, and actionable advice. Additionally, our comprehensive buyer’s guide explains everything you need to know to make a wise purchase. 

Our Top Picks

1. ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer – Carbon Fiber
3. EGO Power+ ST1523S 56V 15” POWERLOAD
4. WORX WG163 20V 12” String Trimmer/Edger
5. CRAFTSMAN V20 13” String Trimmer/Edger
6. Ryobi RY40250 40V String Trimmer
7. Kobalt KST 2580-06 80V MAX String Trimmer

1. ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer – Carbon Fiber

Cordless Weed Wacker, ENHULK 58V 16" String Trimmer - Carbon Fiber, 3-Speed Setting, Brushless Trimmer with EZ-HMI LED Control Panel, Fast Load Bump Feed, 2.5Ah Battery/Charger Included

The ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer is the most potent battery-powered trimmer we’ve ever tested. Its speed varies from 4,800 to 6,300 RPM, so it bulldozes through excessively dense weeds but still has a gentle touch in delicate areas.

SEE RELATED: Read my colleague Michelle Selzer’s hands-on review of the ENHULK string trimmer, or watch her video review below as she puts the string trimmer through a variety of tests.

While testing the ENHULK 58V 16″ String Trimmer, we were impressed by its quintessential qualities:

  • Carbon fiber shaft: Its shaft is long, foldable, and highly durable. Carbon fiber endures harsh conditions and dampens vibration much better than steel or aluminum. It’s lighter, too, making this trimmer the lightest 16-inch model (gas or battery) we found.
  • Long runtime: Its 58-volt, 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime, which is plenty of power to trim most yards on a single charge.
  • Tool-less adjustments: You can adjust the trimmer’s handle, fold the shaft, or load a new spool of trimmer string without any tools.
  • Pro-grade trimmer line: The weed eater comes with pro-grade 0.095-inch dual twist trimmer line, so it can handle the heftiest weeds without breaking.
  • Advanced brushless motor: Its motor is efficient, lightweight, and low-maintenance. It’s also highly durable and housed inside aluminum alloy.

If you have a big yard or tough weeds, we recommend the Enhulk string trimmer. If you want to save some money, it also comes in an aluminum shaft model.


  • Voltage: 58 volts
  • Cutting swath: 16 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches (also compatible with 0.080 inch)
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Most potent 
✓ Lightest in its class
✓ Pro-grade trimmer line
✓ Long runtime
✓ Durable
✓ Ergonomic
✗ Trimmer line sometimes breaks on metal fences
✗ Many batteries come with a longer warranty

Where to buy:


Black+Decker 40V MAX String Trimmer and Edger Kit, Cordless, 13 inch, 2-in-1, Battery and Charger Included (LST140C)

The LST140C from BLACK+DECKER is the best cordless string trimmer for light-duty trimming on a budget. Here’s why: Even though this 2-in-1 trimmer/edger costs less than most models, it has a high-performance 40V MAX lithium-ion battery, which is twice as powerful as other budget models.

Though it isn’t as beefy as the ENHULK trimmer, it has ample power to tackle typical lawn weeds. It also comes with favorable functionality:

  • Versatility: The LST140C is versatile and convenient. It converts to an edger, so you can get more jobs done with one tool.
  • Auto-feed head: The LST140C also features an automatic feed spool, so you don’t have to bump the cutting head against the ground to release string as you do with most other string trimmers. 
  • Long battery life: On one charge, it runs for about 40 minutes, which is impressive for a cordless string trimmer. However, battery life varies greatly depending on specific working conditions, so the trimmer probably won’t run for that long every time you use it. 

Homeowners with smaller yards and light-duty weeds, can save even more money by buying the BLACK+DECKER’s LST201. The model is essentially a smaller, less powerful, and less expensive version of the LST140C. 


  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Cutting swath: 13 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Long battery life
✓ Powerful battery compared to others in the same price range
✓ Converts to edger
✗ Uses flimsy line and only has one (opposed to a dual line), which limits performance in thick grass and weeds
✗ No guiding wheel for edger mode

Where to buy:

3. EGO Power+ ST1523S 15” 56V POWERLOAD 

EGO Power+ ST1523S 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion POWERLOAD String Trimmer with 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included, Black

The second most potent battery-powered string trimmer is the EGO Power+ ST1523S. Like the Enhulk model, it’s durable and efficient with a brushless motor and carbon fiber shaft. However, it’s much heavier than the Enhulk trimmer and has a smaller cutting swath (15 inches).

Although it does delicate edging like a bull in a china shop, with its two speeds, it effortlessly cuts through heavy-duty overgrowth. The trimmer also comes with the following frills: 

  • High-performance battery: Its 56-volt, 4 Ah ARC Li-ion battery runs up to 50 minutes on a single charge. ARC Li-ion batteries have the best performance, efficiency, and durability ratings. 
  • Pro-grade trimmer line: It comes with dual-feed spiral twist 0.095-inch cutting line.
  • POWERLOAD trimmer head: Feed the line into the head and press a button to load a new string spool. 

Homeowners who can carry around 18.5 pounds without facing fatigue covet the ST1523S’s crisp cuts and fierce cutting power. 


  • Voltage: 56 volts
  • Cutting swath: 15 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Weather-resistant construction
✓ Pro-grade trimmer line
✓ Easy to load new string
✓ High-quality batteries
✗ Not good for delicate trimming
✗ Uses a lot of trimmer line
✗ Heavy

Where to buy:

4. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V String Trimmer/Edger

Worx String Trimmer Cordless GT3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Edger & Weed Trimmer (2 Batteries & Charger Included) WG163

The WORX WG163 is another lightweight, easy-to-use budget pick for small yards. This trimmer “kit” is even more of a bargain because it comes with not one but two 20-volt lithium-ion batteries.

With the extra, you can have one battery charged at all times, so even if you run out of juice while trimming your yard, you can switch out the batteries and keep working. Plus, the batteries are compatible with all WORX PowerShare tools. 

Even though its 20 volts of power isn’t anything to write home about, the WG163 makes up for it with impressive versatility:

  • 2-in-1 tool: It converts easily to an edger with rubberized wheels for traction and guidance, resulting in smoother cuts, including on uneven terrain. 
  • Easy to manuever: The trimmer head pivots 90 degrees, and the shaft is telescoping, so this trimmer can fit into all the tight spots in your yard. 
  • Spacer guard: An adjustable spacer guard protects your flower beds and other landscape features while you trim around them. 

Another notable feature of the WORX WG163 is the “command feed” spool system. Instead of automatically feeding the line, this trimmer gives you complete control over the string’s length with a button on the handle. 


  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Cutting swath: 12 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Lightweight
✓ Telescoping shaft for greater reach
✓ Converts to wheeled edger 
✓ Comes with extra 2.0Ah battery
✗ Relatively weak battery
✗ Small cutting swath

Where to buy:

5. CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer/Edger

CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)

CRAFTSMAN’s V20 string trimmer represents a happy medium between our premium and budget picks. It isn’t the most powerful, with a 20-volt battery, but it has a wider cutting head to help you trim your yard faster. It also uses a durable 0.080-inch string that can manage more dense growth than 0.065-inch models. 

Also improving on 20V trimmers from other brands, this CRAFTSMAN model has variable speed control. You can easily switch to the high setting for more torque or the low setting for better battery efficiency. The V20 gives you control over more than just the speed since it features a push-button line feed system similar to the WORX WG163. 

We didn’t have a problem, but a few reviewers reported issues with the line feed system; they had to manually pull the string out, which can be a pain. As expected with auto-feed weed eaters, this model tends to eat through the trimmer line quickly. 


  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Cutting swath: 13 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.080 inches 
  • Weight: 6.7 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Larger and better at cutting thick grass than other 20-volt trimmers
✓ Variable speed control to extend battery life
✓ Converts to edger
✗ Relatively weak battery
✗ Push-button line feed doesn’t always work
✗ Can go through trimmer line too quickly

Where to buy:

6. Ryobi RY40250 40V String Trimmer

Ryobi RY40250 40V String Trimmer

Ryobi’s RY40250 40-volt string trimmer combines a mid-range battery power level with premium features, making the tool versatile and convenient. Perhaps most importantly, this trimmer is compatible with Ryobi’s full line of “expand it” attachments, which can save you money and storage space by letting one tool do the work of many. 

With additional purchases, you can convert the RY40250 to a hedge trimmer, pole saw, cultivator, and other lawn care tools.

Even if you use the RY40250 only as a string trimmer, it has merits that make it stand out:

  • Variable speed: The trimmer has variable speed control to extend the battery’s run time.
  • Adjustable head: An adjustable trimmer head ranges from 13 to 15 inches wide. Why this is important: Changing the cutting head’s size improves battery efficiency and makes the tool perfect for both open spaces and tight spots.
  • Bump-feed: It features a bump-feed line release system similar to the ones used for most gas string trimmers. 

This trimmer is close to commercial grade, with its 40-volt battery, 15-inch cutting swath, and heavy-duty 0.08-inch line. But that capability comes with a major downside: weight. The RY40250 weighs more than 11 pounds, which is most likely too heavy for the average homeowner to carry for an extended period.


  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Cutting swath: 13 – 15 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.080 inches
  • Weight: 11.3 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Converts to other tools with Ryobi attachments (sold separately)
✓ Variable speed control to extend battery life
✓ Adjustable cutting head size
✗ Heavy
✗ More expensive than many other options 

Where to buy:

7. Kobalt KST 2580-06 80V MAX String Trimmer

Kobalt 80-Volt Max Baretool 16-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer 2nd Generation (Battery Not Included)

With an impressive 80-volt battery, the Kobalt KST 2580-06 can provide gas-like power for up to a full hour. If you have a large, unruly property, this might be the string trimmer for you. 

In addition to a brushless motor that provides enough torque to power through the thickest patches of grass, this Kobalt trimmer can hold a 0.095-inch, professional-grade trimmer line. That’s usually the thickest line you can find in a residential trimmer.

Similar to the ENHULK 58V, Ryobi RY40250, and gas string trimmers, you release more line while working by tapping the cutting head against the ground. 

Even though the Kobalt KST 2580-06 could be all about power, it isn’t. It’s also versatile, with high/low variable speed options and an adjustable cutting head from 14 to 16 inches.


  • Voltage: 80 volts
  • Cutting swath: 14 – 16 inches
  • Line diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Weight: 11.7 pounds

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Powerful battery offers gas-like performance and long run time
✓ Holds extra durable, commercial-grade trimmer line
✓ Variable speed control to extend battery life
✓ Adjustable cutting head size
✗ Heavy 
✗ Restringing is difficult
✗ Replacement parts are hard to find if you have problems down the road

Where to buy:

Buyers Guide

When shopping for the best battery-powered string trimmer, consider the following characteristics:

How a String Trimmer Works

A string trimmer (aka grass trimmer, weed trimmer, weed wacker, or weed eater) consists of a long shaft (curved or straight) with a cutting head on the end. The cutting head is, as its name suggests, the part that cuts down grass and weeds. It spins a single line (usually a nylon string) or dual lines fast enough to create a blade-like effect that slices through growth. 

The point of string trimmers is to reach the overgrown grass and weeds in tight spaces where a lawn mower won’t fit, such as the area around flower beds or other landscape features. You can usually use them to create clean edges around your lawn, too.

Embed Video: https://youtu.be/UKsuKfB1GsM

Pros and Cons of Battery-Power

Just like the best gas string trimmers and corded electric string trimmers, battery-powered string trimmers have advantages and disadvantages. Consider these to decide if battery-powered is the best string trimmer for your yard.


✓ Environmentally friendly, no emissions 

✓ Quieter than gas models

✓ Lighter than gas models

✓ Easy to start and operate

✓ Low maintenance

✓ More maneuverable than corded electric models


✗ Most can’t compete with gas in terms of power

✗ More expensive than comparable gas and corded electric models

✗ Limited by battery’s run time, usually about 15-30 minutes

✗ Have to buy new batteries about every two to three years 

Most battery-powered string trimmers are best for small rather than large yards. Additionally, most models don’t handle thick grass and weeds as well as gas, since they tend to lack power and torque.


Most of the time, the first thing you’ll notice about a cordless string trimmer is the voltage of its battery. That voltage tells you the trimmer’s power output, with higher voltage meaning more power.

More powerful batteries produce more torque, so trimmers with high voltage tend to cut through thicker grass and weeds. Most models run on a 20 to 80-volt battery. 

Cutting swath

A trimmer’s cutting swath, sometimes called cutting width, is the area of grass it can cut at once. With a larger cutting swath, you can cover more ground in less time and finish trimming your yard faster. A smaller cutting width might be necessary for tighter spots.

That’s one reason string trimmers with adjustable cutting heads, like a few of our top picks, can be so handy. 

Line diameter

Line diameter measures the thickness of the trimmer line a given string trimmer can hold. The thicker the string, the more durable it will be and the denser growth it will be able to cut through.

Most residential string trimmers hold a 0.065 to 0.095-inch line.


It seems basic, but weight is an important number to pay attention to when shopping for string trimmers or similar power tools. If you get a trimmer that’s too heavy, you probably won’t be able to carry it long enough to finish working on your yard.

Know the limits of your upper body strength and choose your string trimmer accordingly. Some trimmers can attach to shoulder straps to lighten the load on your arms and back. 

Average weight of a battery-power string trimmer10 lb.
Typical weight range6 – 14 lb.
Lighest4 lb.
Heaviest20 lb.


As we mentioned before, battery-powered tools are usually more expensive than their gas or corded counterparts. That doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable options, though, and you’ll notice that all our top picks cost less than $300.

Average cost of a battery-power string trimmer$215
Typical price range$80 – $350
Mot affordable$70
Most expensive$700

FAQ About Battery-Powered String Trimmers

1. What maintenance does a battery-powered string trimmer need?

Battery-powered string trimmers don’t require much maintenance:

  • Clean the cutting head and guard regularly to remove caked-on dirt and grass clippings that could slow your trimmer down.
  • Eventually, you’ll have to replace the trimmer line. When that time comes, follow the instructions for your specific model. 

2. How can I make my trimmer line last longer?

Soaking trimmer line in water can help it retain flexibility, which means it won’t break as easily and will last longer. 

3. How long should a battery-powered string trimmer last?

It’s hard to say how many years a battery-powered string trimmer should last, since these tools haven’t been around for very long. Other string trimmers typically last five to 10 years with proper maintenance. 

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