Enhulk Pro Series 930 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower [Review]

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The Enhulk Pro Series 930 CFM Cordless Electric Leaf Blower (LBL1493J) is the most potent handheld on the market. It has a super strong blow force and long battery life.

Hearing the hype, we decided to give AiDot’s flagship leaf blower a try. We tested the Enhulk 930 on turf, pavement, and dense piles of pine straw. In this review, we take a deep dive into the leaf blower’s performance, ease of use, durability, and value. We’ll also give you our final verdict on who should buy this blower.


The Enhulk LBL1493J, a brand of AiDot, has the following specifications:

  • Airspeed: 200 MPH
  • Air volume: 930 CFM
  • Max Blow Force: 27 N
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Noise level: 73 dB
  • Style: Handheld
  • Warranty: 4-year tool, 2-year battery
  • Weight: 15.37 lb.
Battery Included, 58-volt, 5 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charger Included
Nozzles3 Included (airgale siphon, tapered, spread)

Leaf Blower Rating

Overall Grade: A-

Ease of Use18/20
blowing leaves with a leaf blower
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Special Offer: LawnStarter readers can save $110 on the Enhulk 930 with a purchase on the maker’s site, AiDot. Use this discount code: enhulk9d. Your final price for the Enhulk 930 would be $189.99, with battery pack and charger included. You can also buy the Enhulk 930 on Amazon.

Field Test

We tested the Enhulk Pro Series 930 CFM leaf blower on a lawn, patio, and pine tree forest. 


We were shocked to see how well the Enhulk LBL1493J performs. It effortlessly clears large piles of wet, muddy, and dry debris. It’s fairly quiet and has a long runtime. 

Blow force30/30
Noise level4/5

Blow Force

With a max blow force of 27 Newtons (N), the Enhulk LBL1493J is the most forceful handheld leaf blower we’ve tested. That includes gas and electric models. The Ego Power+ LB7654, another battery-powered beast, is its closest match at 26 N. 

With swift speeds up to 200 mph, it can handle heavy debris such as hedge trimmings, pine needles, and wet waste. With a whooping 930 CFM, this machine easily moves monstrous piles of debris.

blowing leaves in the lawn
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

The first place we tested the LBL1493J was on the lawn. It quickly cleared large debris piles in a single pass. The debris included dry leaves, wet leaves, muddy leaves, broken branches, and twigs. It made leaf removal quick and painless. 

using blower to remove the leaves
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Next, we tested the blower in a heavily wooded area filled with high Georgia pines. The LBL1493J proved itself capable of handling heavy-duty cleanup. It pushed pinecones with ease. Immense clusters of pine needles were the only soiled areas requiring multiple passes. Normal-sized piles of pine needles cleared with a single blow. 

fallen leaves on a patio
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

After seeing how well it handled heavy-duty cleanup, we took it to the next extreme — my meager front porch. Too much pressure could dilapidate my fall decor or push my debris to the front step of the hard-working police officer next door.  

It took less than a minute to get comfortable applying the right amount of slight pressure. The blower cleared dry and wet leaves off my porch without disturbing my neighbor or decor. 

Noise level

The Enhulk 930 makes moderate noise, like a vacuum cleaner or shower. At 73 dB, it’s a little loud for a battery-powered handheld, but with all the power it packs, that’s understandable. It’s about as loud as the Husqvarna Leaf Blaster 350iB (800 CFM, 200 MPH)

Most leaf blowers with competing potencies are louder than the Enhulk LBL1493J — models in its class average about 78 dB. 

battery charging of enhulk leaf blower
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter


The Enhulk Pro Series blower has good battery life. It can run up to 2 hours on a single charge. And on average, it gets about 40 minutes of runtime. With its potent punch, most homeowners can complete fall cleanups on a single battery charge. We completed my yard with plenty of power to spare. 

SpeedApproximate Runtime 
Low120 min.
Average40 min.
High20 min.
Turbo15 min.

Fuel management: The battery’s 5-light LED level-indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

How does it compare to other battery blowers? Most battery blowers have a max runtime between 20 and 90 minutes. The average cordless electric handheld leaf blower has a max runtime of about 50 minutes. That’s less than half the LBL1493J’s battery life. 

The only handheld models we’ve tested with better battery life are the Ego Power+ LB7654, Echo DPB-2500R2, and Makita CBU01Z. The two latter models are way less potent than the Enhuk blower, and even the Ego Power+ LB7654 delivers slightly less force. 

person blowing leaves using a leaf blower
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Ease of Use

The Enhulk Pro Series 930 CFM leaf blower is easy to use. It has user-friendly controls and parts that swiftly snap into place. It’s ergonomically engineered, but a bit heavy.

Ease of Use A-
Speed Control5/5

Who tested it? I’m the perfect person to test the ease of a leaf blower’s use because if I can handle it, most homeowners can, too. At just 4’11” and 120 pounds, most of y’all are bigger and stronger than me. However, I’m active and healthy, so some folks may face additional challenges when using a leaf blower. 


The leaf blower came mostly assembled. You just attach the battery and choose one of the three nozzles to snap in place.

nozzles of a leaf blower placed in a lawn
Interchangeable nozzles
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Nozzles: It’s quick and easy to switch nozzles while working in the field. 

person holding a leaf blower with a Red quick release button
Red quick release button for battery removal 
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Battery removal: There’s a quick-release button to remove the battery. It first took me a minute to get it pressed, but I have long nails. Once I got the hang of it, removing the battery only took a few seconds. 

two parallel images of red button and pressing it
Photo Credit: Michelle Selzer / LawnStarter

Speed Control

The blower has a variable speed trigger, turbo button, and one-click cruise control. Its high visibility controls are easy to operate, even with small hands and long nails. The speed trigger is smooth. It works like a car’s gas pedal, but you use your index finger instead of your foot. The blower’s LCD control panel displays your current speed mode.


It’s heavy for a handheld, but the weight is well-balanced, and the handle is comfortable. Cruise control takes the pressure off your finger, and its vibration isn’t too strong. 

I comfortably cleaned my yard without a hitch. But my back hurt after clearing pine needles from the forest. 

Consider buying a backstrap: There’s a metal hook on the blower for attaching a backstrap. I suggest purchasing a backstrap if you’re small in stature, intend to use the blower for long durations, or just want to experience premium leaf clearing comfort.  


The Enhulk LBL1493J is built to last with a sturdy body, high-quality battery, and advanced brushless motor. Enhulk backs the blower’s quality with a 4-year tool guarantee and a 2-year guarantee on the battery. We anticipate it will last long but need long-term usage data to confirm that. So far, so good. 



Its shell is sturdy and didn’t receive any damage during our heavy-duty field test. Unlike the Ego Power+ LB7654, the Enhulk LBL1493J doesn’t specify its weather resistance. 


With fewer moving parts to break, brushless motors tend to last longer and need fewer repairs than their brushed counterparts. And the LBL1493J’s motor runs cooler than a typical brushless motor, giving it one leg up on durability.


A battery’s durability is difficult to determine without long-term ownership. Since we’ve had the blower for only a couple of weeks, we incorporated customer reviews and the manufacturer’s guarantee into its score. 

Customer Reviews: Scanning user reviews, we found a few complaints that battery life diminishes over time. But that’s the case with any lithium-ion battery. Overall, customers seemed satisfied.

Warranty: Enhulk guarantees its batteries for two years. That’s typical. Most power tool batteries last 2 to 3 years. 


It’s a little pricey, but the Enhulk 930 has the lowest cost in its class. 

Cost comparisons are based on leaf blower prices at the time of publishing. 

Bang for your buck10/10


It costs more than most handheld battery blowers, but it’s within the typical price range. It costs about 25% more than the average cordless electric handheld leaf blower. 

Special Offer: LawnStarter readers can save $110 on the Enhulk 930 with a purchase on the maker’s site, AiDot. Use this discount code: enhulk9d. Your final price for the Enhulk 930 would be $189.99, with battery pack and charger included. You can also buy the Enhulk 930 on Amazon.

Bang for Your Buck

We compared the cost of Enhulk’s 930 CFM leaf blower to other high-performance cordless electric handhelds. The LBL1493J gives you the best bang for your buck:

  • Air volume: With up to 930 CFM, it has higher air volume than any other handheld model. Cordless blowers with air volume over 700 CFM typically cost 20% more than the LBL1493J. Enhulk’s flagship model is the most affordable leaf blower in that class.  
  • Airspeed: It goes up to 200 MPH and is the most affordable cordless electric handheld with airspeed up to at least 190 MPH.
  • Runtime: It gets up to 120 minutes of runtime. Its price is typical for a battery-powered handheld with 90 – 300 minutes of max runtime.

Pros and Cons

What we liked What we didn’t like
✓ Strong blow force
✓ Long runtime
✓ Brushless motor
✓ Good cooling system
✓ Easy to use
✓ Comes with 3 nozzles
✓ 4-year tool guarantee 
✗ Heavy for a handheld
✗ Costs more than most leaf blowers

Our Verdict

The Enhulk LBL1493J is a high-quality leaf blower that quickly clears immense piles of debris. It’s an excellent buy for homeowners with large yards and many trees. You should also consider it if you get a lot of inclement weather. It handles hefty debris, making it handy for storm cleanups. 

But it’s overkill for homeowners with small yards. We suggest a less potent model that’s cheaper and lighter-weight. For example, the Kobalt KHB 4224A weighs 5.4 pounds and costs about half as much as the Enhulk LBL1493J. It’s way less potent, but works well on yards under 1 ⁄ 4 acre with a small to medium amount of trees. 

Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best leaf blower for your yard and budget, please consider the following:

Power Source

Leaf blowers are powered by gas, batteries, or corded electricity. 

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

Corded leaf blowers are lightweight and affordable with unlimited runtime. But they’re best for small yards because they’re the least potent, and they keep you on a leash. Most models can connect to an extension cord up to 50 – 150 feet long. 

✓ Unlimited runtime
✓ Don’t emit toxic gas fumes
✓ Low-maintenance
✓ Affordable
✓ Easy to start
✓ Lightweight
✗ Must be near a power outlet 
✗ Extension cords are sold separately 
✗ Low performance ceiling 

Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

Most cordless electric leaf blowers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Batteries with higher voltage (volt) contain more power, and batteries with higher amp hours (Ah) have longer runtimes. Some battery-powered models are extremely potent, but they tend to cost a pretty penny. 

✓ No cords
✓ Don’t emit toxic gas fumes
✓ Low-maintenance
✓ Easy to start
✓ Quiet
✓ Some high-performance models
✗ Limited runtime
✗ Batteries can take hours to charge
✗ High-performance models tend to be costly
✗ Lithium mining is bad for the environment

Gas Leaf Blowers

The most potent leaf blowers run on gas. Although some battery blowers compete with gas power, gas models typically give you more bang for your buck. Gas engines with higher engine displacement (cc) are more mighty, but 4-stroke engines require higher cc to reach the same potency as a 2-stroke engine. 

✓ Potent
✓ Affordable high-performance models
✓ Long runtimes
✓ No cords
✓ Affordable parts 
✗ Release toxic emissions
✗ Hard to start 
✗ Loud
✗ High-maintenance


There are two main residential leaf blower styles:

  • Handheld leaf blowers are lightweight and affordable, but less potent than backpack models.
  • Backpack leaf blowers typically have larger motors/engines than handhelds making them more powerful. But they’re also more expensive.

Blow Force

Measured in Newtons (N), blow force describes the intensity of a leaf blower’s airflow. Air volume and airspeed are the main factors determining blow force:

  • Air Volume: Measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), air volume tells you how much air passes through the blower’s tube. Leaf blowers with higher CFM push more debris with each blower, for faster fall cleanups.
  • Airspeed: Measured in miles per hour (MPH), airspeed tells you how fast air passes through the blower’s tube. Leaf blowers with a faster airspeed can push heavier debris and blow the debris further distances. 

The table below shows the typical air volume and air speed of leaf blowers by powersource.

Typical CFMTypical MPH
Gas435 – 1,000165 – 220
Cordless Electric390 – 650115 – 170
Corded Electric300 – 610115 – 210


When evaluating a leaf blower’s comfort, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Weight: Lightweight leaf blowers are more comfortable to use. But the weight is more comfortable to carry on your back than your arms; heaviness is easier to handle with a backpack model than a handheld. 
  • Size: A compact design is easier to handle, especially for operators with a small stature. 
  • Vibration:  Heavy vibration makes a leaf blower more challenging to handle. The more vibration you feel, the quicker you’ll tire out. 
  • Noise: Decibels (dB) measure a leaf blower’s noise level, and quiet models are more comfortable for you and your neighbor’s ears. Some cities and HOAs regulate how loud leaf blowers can be, so check local regulations. Hearing protection is required for operating blowers that are 85 dB or louder and recommended for blowers over 65 dB.
  • Controls: Models with high-visibility controls that are easy to reach are more comfortable to use. 
  • Handle: Over-mold and rubberized handles are more satisfying to grip. 

The table below shows the typical weight range of leaf blowers by power source and style.

Gas9 – 11 lb.21 – 25 lb.
Cordless Electric6 – 10 lb.17 – 35 lb.
Corded electric5 – 9 lb.N/A

The next table shows the typical noise level of leaf blowers by power source and style.

Gas65 – 82 dB69 – 89 dB
Cordless Electric60 – 70 dB58 – 82 dB
Corded electric60 – 80 dBN/A

Special Features

Look for leaf blowers with these handy features:

  • Variable speeds: Not all jobs require the same force. And too much force can destroy delicate areas, like flower beds and gardens. Operating at lower speeds also gives you a longer runtime. 
  • Cruise control: Leaf blowers with cruise control don’t require you to hold your finger on the speed trigger. 
  • Turbo button: Some blowers give you extra force with a turbo button. 
  • LED display: Easy-to-read LED control panels may display speed mode and other settings. 
  • Brushless motor: Brushless motors are more durable and energy-efficient than brushed motors. 
  • Interchangeable nozzles: Some nozzles increase airspeed or air volume, while others work well on delicate areas. 


The average leaf blower costs about $250, but prices vary by power source and style. The table below shows the typical price range of leaf blowers by style and power source. 

Gas$140 – $225$310 – $535
Cordless Electric$140 – $340$345 – $555
Corded electric$55 – $125N/A

FAQ About the Enhulk LBL1493J

1. Why doesn’t the Enhulk LBL1493J doesn’t overheat?

Its cutting-edge cooling system prevents overheating, thus increasing the tool’s lifespan. The system’s called Coolblast and it lowers temperatures by up to 12 degrees. 

2. What makes the Enhulk LBL1493J so potent?

The Enhulk LBL1493J uses aviation-level Turbine technology and carefully engineered nozzles. 

3. Is the best battery-powered backpack blower more potent than the Enhulk LBL1493J?

No. The Ego Power+ LBPX8004-2 is the best backpack leaf blower that runs on a battery. It has up to 26 N of blow force. Enhulk’s 930 CFM handheld goes up to 27 N, beating its blow force by 1 N. 

When to Call a Pro for Leaf Removal 

Even if you have the best leaf blower, cleaning the yard is work. The good news is that’s work you don’t have to do. LawnStarter connects you to qualified leaf removal pros with reasonable rates. It only takes a minute to get a free online quote for leaf removal, lawn mowing, and 30 other outdoor home services. 

Editor’s Note: AiDot sent its Enhulk 930 leaf blower to us to take it for a test drive. AiDot also has cut $110 off the leaf blower’s price through Dec. 26, 2023. Michelle had a blast putting this leaf blower through its paces.

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