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Top Woodbridge, VA Landscaping Companies of October 2019

81 verified reviews
Ines Pereira
4138 Ferrara Terrace
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Looked great but I have a bag sitting in the middle of my lawn. PleSe explain
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#2-L. Sellers' Lawn Treatment

8 verified reviews
Lawson Sellers
Woodbridge, VA

It was very pleasant looking at tidy lawn when i got home. Thank you.

#3-Raul's Lawns Care Service

8 verified reviews
Raul Hale
Woodbridge, VA

Thank you Ines for doing such a terrific job. The yard looked amazing when I got in late last night but saw it better this ...

#4-Calvin's Lawns Maintenance

8 verified reviews
Calvin Fernandez
Woodbridge, VA

Thanks for having them cut our grass.. always do a good job! If they have to come on any other day of the week its no biggie.. ...

6 verified reviews
Micah Hudson
3713 Foresdale Ave
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Fast and quality service. Thank you.
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#6-Vane Butler's Lawns Treatment INC

40 verified reviews
Vane Butler
Woodbridge, VA

Contractor showed up, went straight to work, mowed, edged, and blew off the majority of the clippings. A few random pieces ...

#7-Mark's Lawns Care Service

33 verified reviews
Mark Walker
Woodbridge, VA

Greg is always absolutely phenomenal. I never have any complaints! He really does the best job. I also REALLY appreciate ...

#8-Dave Reid's Lawns Care Service

23 verified reviews
Dave Reid
Woodbridge, VA

The guy who came by to do the lawn did a great job. When I took a bottle of water out to him, we talked a bit about some ...

2 verified reviews
Abel Bethancourt
2247 West Longview Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Services Offered: spring cleanups , lawn treatment, lawn mowing
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#10-H&K LLC

14 verified reviews
Mike Hoffman
Woodbridge, VA

It looks good Aaron! Thank you so much for always making our yard look amazing!

1 verified reviews
Marlon Pineda
1620 Lynn Court
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Can the lawn tech pull the weeds out of the rock beds, front And back while she's here? They look terrible.
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72 verified reviews
Jasmin Esparza
1316 Congress Street
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Aaron, is it possible to move my mow date to Monday's? It's the only day I'm home during the week to be sure the gate is ...
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48 verified reviews
Vicki Portillo
5602 Reardon Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Terry did a great job on what he had to work with. I look forward to see what he does once the lawn is actually grass and ...
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60 verified reviews
Santos Bonilla
14105 Mathews Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Great job!
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71 verified reviews
John Frisbie
3464 Mount Burnside Way
Woodbridge, VA 22192

It's awesome knowing that you're coming home to a wonderfully cut lawn. The only thing better is actually coming home to ...
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58 verified reviews
Steve Wojtyna
Woodbridge, VA

Services Offered: regular lawn care , spring cleanups, lawn fertilization
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31 verified reviews
Hans Kruschka
11347 Cromwell Court
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Perfect! Grass was not cut to short and very little grass left in my yard. Thanks for your service.
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27 verified reviews
Jonathan Richardson
2205 Montgomery Avenue
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Jonathan Richardson, owner of J's Lawn Care in Woodbridge is a 11 year lawn care industry veteran. Jonathan has a 4.5/5 rating. ...
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49 verified reviews
Leander Poe
13881 Rhapsody Court
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Amazing work!! I'm beyond happy with my lawn now!!!!
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107 verified reviews
Patrick Beam
Woodbridge Street
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Patrick Beam, owner of KāäS Lawn Care, serves customers all over Oakton, VA. He has a 4.5/5 rating. He offers lawn care, ...
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32 verified reviews
Karl Tuck
14101 Fallbrook Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Great job
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54 verified reviews
William Ewell
14455 Jefferson Davis Highway
Woodbridge, VA 22191

i didnt even hear them mowing. quick and looks good.
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35 verified reviews
Teddy Hill
2884 Seminole Road
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Thanks for edging up behind the front yard hedges! Also, next time please edge up along both sides of the driveway. Thanks ...
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18 verified reviews
Natasha Haithcock
4415 Hamilton Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Brian & his team were great! They were on time, did a great job & went above & beyond. He asked about trimming the bushes ...
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45 verified reviews
Monet Anderson
15440 Leeds Hill Way
Woodbridge, VA 22191

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Recent projects by Woodbridge, VA landscaping companies.

Project: General Landscape Improvements

Requested by Dave N.

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 2,613 square feet

Items Needing Service: Looking to get a properly done landscaping installation like the other Woodbridge landscapers do

Location on Property: Call me

Work to be Done: Call me

Price: $41

Project: General Landscape Improvements

Requested by Bonnie N.

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 6,934 square feet

Items Needing Service: We are interested in the possibility of having the mulch beds weeded/cleaned every time our lawn is mowed. If we take that approach, how much would services run?

Location on Property: Mulch beds in front, both sides and backyard.

Work to be Done: We are interested in the possibility of having the mulch beds weeded/cleaned every time our lawn is mowed. If we take that approach, how much would services run?

Price: $225

Project: Landscaping

Requested by Christine W.

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 4,878 square feet

Items Needing Service: N/a

Location on Property: N/a

Work to be Done: N/a

Price: $84

Project: Tree Maintenance

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 12,965 square feet

Price: $47

Description: All tree around house in front and around the side not back yard

Project: General Tree Care

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 15,324 square feet

Price: $176

Description: You have a tree that fell in the septic tank area so I couldn't over in that area needs to be cleaned up here's my price

Project: Flowerbed Mulching

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 4,500 square feet

Price: $241

Description: This would include 4 cubic yards of mulch which equals two truckloads of mulch.

Project: General Lawn Maintenance

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 8,011 square feet

Price: $47

Description: Fertilizer front

Project: Yard Cleaning

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 4,102 square feet

Price: $15

Description: Pet waste removal

Project: Leaf Collection

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Yard Size: 8,995 square feet

Price: $176

Description: Front más back pick up

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What is the Average Price of Landscaping in Woodbridge, VA?

The average price of landscaping work depends on the project and many other factors. Here are some average prices for different landscape projects in Woodbridge:

Service Low High
Landscape Installation $1,581 $5,516
Deck Construction $1,080 $3,247
Retaining Wall $3,036 $8,198
Flowerbed Installation $1,404 $4,643
Flowerbed Mulching $169 $506
Sod Installation $1,086 $2,846

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