Spring Lawn Care Tips for Rochester, NY

Spring in upstate New York is gorgeous—especially if you’re in Rochester. From seeing the orchids bloom to attending opening day for the Rochester Red Wings, there are dozens of ways to celebrate this season.

But first, you need to get your lawn sorted.

Follow these spring lawn care tips so your yard will look great this season.

Take Care of Your Mower

Mower maintenance is an essential part of spring lawn care. Check your mower to see if oil needs to be changed—which needs to be every 20-50 hours of operation. The blades on your mower need to be sharpened periodically too. Your lawn will be bruised rather than trimmed if you mow with dull blades. For more specific maintenance checks, you can either find a professional to tune up your mower or do it yourself.

Fill in the Bare Patches

Seeding your grass has better results when you sprinkle them in the fall. By spring, you should see new blades of grass appearing as the snow thaws. It's not uncommon to also spot patchy places. If you see them, don’t hold back on adding more grass seed or laying sod. Just be careful not to disrupt either medium until the new grass takes.

Banish the Weeds

Crabgrass and weeds thrive in during spring, along with all the other blossoms and plants. In early spring, you’ll want to lay down pre-emergent herbicide. As the name indicates, this type of treatment helps control weeds before they emerge. Later in the spring, you’ll want to apply post-emergent herbicide to tackle the weeds that made it through.

Aerate the Soil

March and April are ideal months for lawn aeration. This process involves using a machine to pull small plugs of soil out of your lawn. These perforations relieve compaction in the soil, allowing your grass roots to receive air, nutrients and water.

Sort Your Landscaping

Planting new flowers and prepping your garden are fun springtime prep activities. Whether you're decorating the front yard with hydrangeas and peonies or creating a salad garden in the back, you need to get started by spring. Grow flowers and vegetables indoors if you can. In fact, you might want to start some flowers and vegetables in the house. Rochester tends to receive its last snowfall in April, so don’t plant anything until May.

Need help with your lawn care? Visit our Rochester lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Rochester, we provide lawn care services to other New York cities including Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse.

Featured image source: Zillow Rochester