5 Lawn Watering Tips in Tampa


Summers in Tampa are HOT and humid. We’re sure you already knew that though! Despite the soaring temperatures, there are some things that you can do to make sure your lawn stays lush and green this summer. Here are some helpful lawn watering tips from the Tampa lawn care professionals at LawnStarter.

1. Water at the Appropriate Time

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Watering at the right time is important for grass health. Watering too late at night can result in fungus and disease due to the moisture resting on the grass blade all night. Whereas watering in the heat of the day can actually damage the grass blade from the sun (the water droplets act as tiny magnifying glasses and can burn the grass blades). It’s best to water between 4am and 8am to achieve the best results.

2. Avoid Over-Watering

It’s better to water more, less frequently than watering a little bit every day. Watering less often allows the root system to become more drought resistant. You can avoid over-watering by setting a timer that automatically triggers and discharges your sprinkler system. Just make sure to adjust it by season so the appropriate amount of water is reaching the root system.

3. Water the Correct Amount

Most grass types need only about an inch of water per week. A good way to find out if you’re watering deep enough is to set a can of tuna out in the lawn while you water. When the tuna can fills up you’ll know that you’ve successfully watered an inch and you can calibrate the sprinkler system to run that amount of time.

If you already have an irrigation system make sure that it’s calibrated in each zone correctly. It’s important to deliver the right amount of water to each zone on the property to ensure the quality of the lawn is consistent.

4. Make the Most Out of Rain Water

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Make the most out of rainwater by being conservative and efficient with your watering resources. You can do this by turning downspouts from rain gutters toward areas that need watering. As an eco-friendly solution to drought spurts, collect such rainwater in barrels or use a surface pump. To be even more eco-friendly use solar powered surface pumps that hook up to your irrigation system. This is a great way to collect water and disperse throughout your yard while adhering to any local watering restrictions. Keep in mind that standing water makes a good place for mosquitoes to breed, so you shouldn’t leave standing water on your property for long.

5. Mow the Grass at the Correct Height

Make sure that your grass is mowed to the right height (root depth is proportional to grass height). Grass that has a deep and extensive root system is stronger and can more easily withstand drought conditions. Each type of grass will have a specific height range that allows it grow the most effectively. Remember to always follow the ⅓ rule; never cut off more than ⅓ of the grass blade at a time. This will keep the grass blades and root system healthy and will absorb the maximum amount of water.

Following best watering practices is an easy and effective way to get the most out of your lawn care, especially during the hot and humid summers of Tampa, FL.

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Jake Hill

Jake Hill grew up working for his dad's landscaping company, and spent over 6 years covering the lawn care industry for LawnStarter. His expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post, Realtor.com, Homecity.com and more.