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Best Lawn-Watering Times

Always water early in the morning That’s the first piece of advice that comes to mind from Lorence R. Oki, who earned a doctoral degree in ecology through the University of California, Davis. He also holds degrees in plant sciences and ornamental horticulture. His specialty is water management — namely, […]

Summer lawn care guide
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Summer Lawn-Care Guide

It’s getting hot out there. And just like you need to lather yourself in sunscreen and drink plenty of water when you hit the golf course or sit out by the pool, your lawn needs some special considerations as it sits out in the hot weather But your lawn’s summer needs depends on […]

6 common lawn mistakes
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6 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

As temperatures warm up and lawns grow again, folks across the country dust off their lawn mowers, head to the backyard and start this year’s lawn care regimen. But many will be making some common mistakes that can keep those lawns from doing their best. Steve Pettis Jr., an agriculture […]