8 Reasons to Care for Your Orlando, FL Lawn

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Orlando is the land of sunny skies and beautiful parks — a place that lets you take care of your lawn even in the middle of winter. With plenty of good reasons to care for your Orlando, FL, lawn, you’re sure to have one beautiful landscape if you take the time to invest in it.

Don’t miss out on a beautiful green space when you can make it happen with just a little bit of effort.

Why Should You Care for Your Lawn?

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An old adage says, “choose your battles.” When it comes to living in Central Florida, especially in Orlando, homeowners often find that caring for their lawn is one battle worth fighting! Don’t believe us? Here are 8 good reasons to care for your Orlando, FL, lawn.

1. Cleaner Air

Photosynthesis may be a science lesson from way back when, but it’s still at work in your backyard. For every acre of grass you have, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase oxygen in the air. And that’s not just good for your own breathing — it’s essential to the birds, bees, and butterflies in your area.

According to WCJB, turf grasses across the United States can sequester up to 95 million tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and 5,000 square feet of grass can produce enough oxygen to support 14 to 34 people every day.

What does this mean? If you want to enjoy clean air and care for the environment, one of the best things you can do is keep up with your Orlando lawn care needs. If nothing else, you’ll take a deep breath of fresh air whenever you enjoy your green oasis. 

2. Save Money

It may not seem like it in the beginning, but practicing preventative lawn care can save you big time — both in the short and long run. Neglecting your lawn increases your risk of having to deal with serious turf issues, many of which can be costly to repair.

Plus, a thriving patch of green grass helps you keep your energy costs lower because it cuts down on heat absorption, reducing your need for indoor cooling and energy consumption. With just a little bit of care, you can keep your Orlando lawn lush and green even during periods of drought.

There’s also a reason why “preventative” lawn care services are a thing: taking proactive steps to care for your lawn saves you tons of time and money. Whether it’s lawn mowing, weeding, pest control, aeration, or anything else, being proactive can prevent the need for invasive solutions later on.

3. Increase Home Value

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First impressions are everything — even in the real estate world! If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, do it with a well-maintained lawn. Not only will the look of your property make it harder to resist, but fresh green blades can boost curb appeal and garner approval from potential buyers faster than you’d think. 

Virginia Tech’s turfgrass extension suggests that good landscaping can increase perceived home value, and real estate agents believe it, too. Taking care of your lawn not only shows how much you put into your property but also adds dimension and character that can’t be replicated.

With up to 15 to 20% of your home value being attributed to landscaping and lawn care, why wouldn’t you invest a few minutes every week in making sure it’s spic-and-span? With just a few simple lawn care beginner tips, you’ll be well on your way to a bump in property value.

4. Perfect Frame for Your Home 

Just like a good photo needs a great frame to complete it, your house could use some love from your lawn. Your outdoor space acts as the perfect backdrop to draw attention away from any flaws and onto the beauty of your gorgeous homestead.

Plus, plush green grass adds a level of comfort and security that’s hard to beat. A lawn gives you an escape if you’ve been feeling like you need one — it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day, sprawl out on some comfy patio furniture, or just drink your coffee in quiet reverence. 

Make no mistake — a well-kept lawn is the perfect finishing touch to any home and an investment that’s worth its weight in gold for any homeowner looking for peace of mind.

5. Make Every Day Beautiful

In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, happiness is defined by the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. With that in mind, put on some music, grab your tools, and get to work!

Caring for your lawn can be an excellent source of creative freedom. Whether you’re exercising your green thumb or starting a new landscaping project, there’s nothing quite like creating something beautiful and unique in whatever way you’d like right in your own backyard. Sure, you should follow basic care instructions, but, as with any art, you have total freedom to create what your heart and soul desire.

Whether you’re going for minimal landscaping or something more ornate, caring for your lawn is the perfect way to express yourself artistically and create a beautiful part of everyday life.

6. Weed Prevention 

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Weeds are an annoyance to any homeowner. But by constantly mowing and trimming your lawn, you can keep them at bay. With every tick of the blades, you keep giving your grass a fair chance at outcompeting pesky weeds, ultimately creating a healthier and greener space.

Plus, regular lawn care can help decrease the number of weed seeds that sprout later on, making it easier to keep your gorgeous grass healthy in the future. With just a few cuts every week, you can keep your lawn weed-free and never have to worry about unsightly distractions.

7. Absorb Excess Water

No one likes living in a flood zone — even though the chances are low in Orlando. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared if it ever happens. After all, take the 2017 Houston floods as the perfect example of what happens when the water has nowhere to go.

Having a healthy lawn is like having an efficiently working storm drain, allowing you to soak up excess water and protect yourself from potential problems. Plus, it helps keep runoff out of the sewers and instead filters it naturally into the soil, avoiding contamination of natural water sources.

Although it’s not exactly your favorite thing to think about, excess water has the potential to cause serious damage. With a water damage restoration cost between $1,270 and $5,376 — it’s worth taking your Florida lawn seriously to prevent flooding.

8. Protect Against Wildfires 

Though wildfires are quite rare in Orlando, Florida has a significant wildfire approximately once every 3 to 5 years. These fires can have devastating impacts that can be difficult to prevent. The best way to reduce the risk of catching fire lies in good landscaping — especially for places with hot climates and regular lightning storms.  

By keeping your grass healthy and maintained, you not only add some protection from any potential wildfires but also ensure that any sparks you choose to produce, like for a small fire pit session with friends, won’t cause an uncontrolled blaze. 

If you’re looking out for your property in the long term and want to be on the safe side, doing regular lawn care is an investment that pays off.

FAQ About Caring for Your Orlando, FL Lawn 

How much is lawn care in Orlando?

The cost of lawn care in Orlando depends on the type and amount of services you choose to receive. On average, a professional lawn care company charges between $29 and $65 for mowing and trimming per visit. Other additional services like irrigation, fertilization, aeration, pest control, weed control, overseeding, mulching, or pruning have different cost ranges.

What makes a healthy lawn?

Having a healthy, beautiful lawn requires regular care. This includes mowing grass to the appropriate height for your turf, maintaining even topography and drainage, using fertilizer, controlling pests or diseases if necessary, and proper irrigation and aeration — all rounded up with regular maintenance. With these chores taken care of, you’re sure to have a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the year. 

What happens if I don’t take care of my lawn?

If you choose not to invest in your lawn’s wellness, there will surely be consequences. Neglecting your lawn can cause weed invasions, poor growth, disease, pest infestations, or even brown patches of grass that need professional attention. And that’s not all; let’s not forget the huge cost attached to severe cases of lawn neglect.

All this makes the choice simpler: an hour or two a week is always better than massive repair efforts once the damage has been done.

What is the best low-maintenance grass for Central Florida?

Central Florida lawns require grass varieties that are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and able to withstand high temperatures. Some of the best grass types for an Orlando area lawn include Bermudagrass, centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, Zoysiagrass, and buffelgrass. 

Each of these grass types offers resistance to diseases and pests, plus they should stay green year-round — perfect for low-maintenance needs. 

Your Lawn Is Ready for Care — Now What? 

If you’re looking to invest in your Orlando yard, there are plenty of possibilities for your lawn care needs. Regular maintenance can make all the difference between a green, healthy landscape and an eyesore; after all, prevention is much better than cure. 

But not everyone has time for lawn chores or the patience to learn all the specifics of pretty turf. In that case, Orlando lawn care experts can step in and help out with routine lawn maintenance or quick fixes. 

No matter what, taking care of your Orlando, FL, lawn is an investment worth making. Whether you’re big on DIY projects or you’d rather leave it to the experts, your one-of-a-kind landscape will bless you with cleaner air and happiness — all while making everyone in your neighborhood green with envy.

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