Orlando, FL

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Orlando, FL

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Orlando

Orlando’s hot and humid Central Florida climate can seem like a curse in the summer, but it’s perfect for growing beautiful palm trees. Why not take advantage of Orlando’s weather and plant some palm trees as part of your landscaping? With more than 2,500 species of palm trees, your design […]

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Most-Common Orlando Insect Pests

Whether your new Orlando home is newly constructed or preowned, multiple pests may call the residence “home sweet home” too. With its year-round warm temperatures, subtropical climate and humidity, Florida, including Orlando is one of the buggiest locations in the United States. Below we’ve outlined some of the most-common Orlando […]

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5 Worst Trees to Plant in Orlando

Trees benefit our environment in a host of ways and can bring beauty and increase the value of your Orlando home. However, regardless of their good looks, not all trees are suitable for planting in your landscape. Whether they have a low wind resistance, weak wood, aggressive root system or […]