Spring Lawn Care Tips for Dayton, OH

The transition from winter to spring can be hard on plants, as the weather warms up and they have to come out of dormancy and spring to life again. You may be excited to see the freezing temps go away, but you may also be apprehensive about bringing your lawn and garden back to life. There are a few simple steps you can take in the spring to help your lawn come in strong and thrive throughout the remainder of the year. Here is our spring lawn care guide for Dayton, OH homeowners.


This step will help your lawn recover from compaction that often occurs over the winter. By creating holes with a plug aerator, you will allow the things in the next few steps (fertilizer, herbicide, and seed -- and of course, water) to get into the soil where they are most needed. Aerate your lawn once a year to maintain the lawn’s health. Missed aeration this spring? Early fall is also an acceptable time to aerate in Dayton, but do not aerate during summer.


Applying fertilizer in the spring will help your grass grow strong roots and come in healthier. Fertilizer will help the lawn to withstand environmental stressors, like the changing weather. A lawn care professional can help you figure out the best timing for this first application of the year, and put together a schedule for other fertilizer applications later on.

Kill weeds

As the spring continues, weeds may pop up in the otherwise beautiful lawn. Get ahead of these weeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide early in the year. This will kill weed seeds before they have a chance to germinate. If you miss the timing for that, you can apply a post-emergent herbicide to kill the weeds that have sprouted. Check with your local garden center or a lawn care pro for help picking the right herbicide for your lawn.


As your lawn grows in, you may notice some thin or bare patches. If that’s the case, you can fill in those areas with new seed. Once you’ve seeded, water and fertilize as needed to get a full, green lawn.

Additionally, overseeding is a once-per-year service that is great for filling in the cool season grasses that typically fill Dayton lawns. This involves taking grass seed (using the type of grass you already have growing in your lawn) and spreading it thinly throughout your property. For ideal results, overseed just after aeration.

For help with your spring lawn care, check out our Dayton, OH services to see what we can do for your lawn.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Dayton lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Dayton, we provide lawn care services to other Ohio cities, including Cleveland.

Featured image source: Zillow Dayton