Summer Lawn Care Tips for Corpus Christi, TX

Due to the southernmost location of Corpus Christi, it may seem like summer never ends in this warm gulf city. Summer temperatures begin to rise in May and typically don’t get below 80°F until the end of October–making this area the ideal spot for long summertime lawn growth. Check out this helpful guide on summer lawn care in Corpus Christi.

When to Water

One of the most common mistakes that Corpus Christi homeowners make is watering their lawn on a daily basis. Watering your lawn for a few minutes everyday may sound like a good idea but it actually encourages the roots to stay short and not develop deep into the soil. Having a shallow root system can be detrimental for a lawn and make it susceptible to damage and drying out. Consider your grass type and make sure to water your lawn to a depth of at least 3 inches every time you water. given the hot conditions of the area, homeowners will most likely need to water their lawns 2-3 times a week, and in the early morning so the soil takes in all the water before evaporation occurs from the heat.

When to Mow

Warm season grasses that are popular in the Corpus Christi area love to grow underneath the hot summer sun. Scheduling your mowing on the same day each week may be great for your calendar but not so great for your lawn. The most common lawn mowing frequency in Corpus Christi is bi-weekly mowings, which is helpful for maintaining growth and height in a more harsh heat climate. Make sure to watch the length of your lawn in order to mow it before it becomes too tall. Never take off more than 1/3 of the total blade length in order to keep the lawn healthy and strong. Otherwise, mowing too low can cause root damage and increase the likelihood of losing areas of lawn.

When to Fertilize

Although most homeowners will want to fertilize their lawns in either the spring or fall, summer applications of fertilizer can be beneficial to a Corpus Christi lawn. The Agri-Life Extension office states to choose a slow release fertilizer in the summer in order to refrain from burning the lawn. Make sure to spread out fertilizer applications at least 45 days apart in order to give the lawn enough time to settle in between feedings. Choosing a slow-release fertilizer also prevents the need to constantly mow a lawn that can grow quickly after a quick-release fertilizer has been applied.

Pests to Look Out For

Chinch Bugs are notorious for attacking St. Augustine grass lawns in the Corpus Christi area. It is a serious pest that may also feed on other warm season grasses like zoysiagrass, bermudagrass, centipedegrass, and bahiagrass. You’ll know that you have an infestation of Chinch Bugs when you notice areas of dead grass surrounded by a yellow halo of color in the lawn that appear in a very irregular shape. Thatch is also a common component of any Chinch Bug infestation as it provides a thick area of protection for the pesky bugs. Consider vertical mowing your lawn in order to rid it of suffocating thatch as well as deter Chinch Bugs from taking up residence in your lawn.

Use Natural Mulch

Allow your lawn to be fed by using decomposing grass clippings on the lawn after a mow. Choosing to not bag your clippings not only is easier for you but also produces less waste for the environment. Using grass clippings as natural mulch allows the grass to breakdown into the soil and provide the soil with important nutrients. Support the Corpus Christi environment by not using a bag during mowing in order to naturally feed the lawn.

Ensuring that your summer lawn is healthy is important to keeping a lush lawn throughout the year. Make sure to cut the lawn when it needs it as well as water to a depth that will allow the roots to grow deep into the soil. Let the grass clippings remain on the lawn after a mow and consider adding a slow release fertilizer for maximum growth potential. Keep an eye out for the pesky Chinch Bug that can attack Corpus Christi lawns as well. Remember all of these things in order to have a welcoming and healthy lawn all summer long.

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Featured image source: Wikimedia Commons