Fall Lawn Care Tips for Corpus Christi, TX

As the most wet season of the year, Corpus Christi receives the most monthly rainfall (on average) during the fall season. This is great for lawns as it will add more moisture for adequate growth through the season as well as cut down on watering costs. Continue to water the lawn as needed but also consider these other important fall lawn care tips to prepare the grass for a healthy and strong growing season next year.

Mow When Needed

Many homeowners in the Corpus Christi area will have warm season grasses in their yard which will go dormant in the winter. However, with the elevated temperatures of the area in fall, warm season grasses continue to grow well into November. Make sure to keep an eye on the lawn and mow when it is needed, not always when it is convenient. Never cut off more than 1/3 of the blade length at once in order to protect the grass roots as well. Allowing a lawn to grow too tall in the warm fall season of Corpus Christi could lead to extra moisture in the lawn and become a breeding ground for fungi.

Add Nutrients

Fall fertilization is important for Corpus Christi lawns in order to give the lawn enough nutrients to survive the winter and green back up in the spring. Choose a nitrogen rich fertilizer along with potassium in order to help the grass through the dry winter period. A slow release fertilizer is best so that your grass can receive the important nutrients over a longer period of time. Choosing to add fertilizer to your lawn during the fall also helps create a dense turf of grass which prevents weeds from growing in the warmer Corpus Christi climate.

Mulch with Leaves

Corpus Christi homeowners know that they will have very little to no fall color but will notice that most leaves go from green to brown before falling off into the lawn. Consider using these fallen leaves to add natural nutrients to your lawn as well as cut down on yard waste. Use a leaf mulcher to cut those large leaves down into pieces that will break down easier in the lawn. Distribute mulched leaves all over the lawn for a boost of energy during the fall. If you don’t have a leaf mulcher, consider spreading the dead leaves out onto the lawn and then mowing them on the highest setting with your lawn mower for a quick and easy way to care for your lawn this fall.

Fill in Worn Spots

Many homeowners in the Corpus Christi area use their lawns a lot during the summer season for outdoor parties or to enjoy the sprinklers on a hot summer day. This heavy use can cause some areas of your lawn to become thin or worn which can be a great spot for weeds to grow. Consider overseeding your lawn in the winter in order to fill in those areas that are bare. Most Corpus Christi homeowners will have a warm season grass in their yard like Bermudagrass or St. Augustinegrass which will do well in the hotter climate. If you are unsure of your grass type, consider the different variations of warm season grasses in order to overseed with the same kind of grass that is already established in your yard.

Beware of Insects

The Fall armyworm is notorious for its ability to destroy lawns in just a few days. Fall armyworms are prevalent in the Corpus Christi area and may not die off each year due to the relatively warm winter season. Homeowners with Bermudagrass should be especially vigilant about this pest that will eat grass leaves along with thousands of their armyworm friends. Look for Fall armyworm caterpillars in the yard during the morning or late evening that can be easily spotted feeding on grass. They have a distinctive inverted white “Y” between their eyes and will eventually pupate into moths after eating the lawn. Consider using a chemical application to destroy armyworms that could eat Bermudagrass lawns.

Corpus Christi’s warm fall season can be a busy one due to the higher temperatures of the Southern Texas region. Make sure to continue cutting the lawn as well as feeding it with fertilizer during the fall. Other tips for homeowners to remember include watching out for fall pests as well as overseeding and mulching with fallen leaves come November. All of these tips are important to consider when caring for your lawn during the fall in Corpus Christi.

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Featured image source: Wikimedia Commons