Sunday Review: It’s Lawn Care Made Easy for DIY-ers

Sunday Review featured image with several Sunday lawn care products in different color bags that can be mounted on a garden hose

What is Sunday? Think of Sunday as the “meal-in-a-box” for lawn care. Sunday sends you a soil test, fertilizer, and weed killers. Sunday also saves you the time and hassle of shopping for your lawn care ingredients. 

How simple is it to care for your lawn? Sunday says if you have a garden hose, you can apply its lawn treatments.

Does Sunday deliver on its promise of a great-looking lawn? Our in-depth review looks at Sunday’s products, services, customer reviews, prices, and compares that to the cost of DIY lawn care and similar lawn care in-a-box programs.

Yes, LawnStarter has an affiliate relationship with Sunday, but our review is fair and unbiased. We spent weeks researching Sunday and months preparing this review.

Sunday’s Products

Sunday offers a yearly subscription service that provides the products and the tools you’ll need to feed and care for your lawn and yard. Some products come with your subscription, and some are available a-la-carte.

Everything you need for a comprehensive lawn care program is available on Sunday’s website. You can also find some Sunday products at big-box stores.

Lawn Care and Garden Supplies
Grass seedBermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, clover seed blend, shade grass seed blend, and a seed and fertilizer mix
Weed controlWeed control herbicide, dandelion herbicide, weed spot treatments
Irrigation suppliesGarden hoses, swivel wands, circular sprinklers, watering timers, garden and tree hydration mats, sprinkler gauges, and nozzles
Pet lawn treatmentsPet patch lawn treatments, pet-resistant grass seed, and pet-safe ice melt
Eco-friendly lawn equipmentGreenworks lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blower, and battery charger
Fertilizers and nutrientsDry fertilizer and heat stress prevention treatment, plant food, soil amendments, compost blends, and potting soil
Live plantsEverything from rose bushes to blue wisteria vines, apple, peach, and fig trees to hydrangeas and perennials such as hostas and coral bells
Pest control productsNeem oil, mosquito repellant, ant killer, ticks insecticide, slug and snail repellent, horticultural oil, and a bug home barrier spray
Lawn and garden toolsHandheld seed spreader, herbicide pouch and sprayer, garden tool sets, pruning snips, garden shears, weed puller, shovels, loppers, trowels, and cultivators

How Sunday Works

Screenshot showing how Sunday uses aerial image to calculate square footage of lawn
Screenshot from Sunday website

Sunday uses satellite imagery to measure your yard to determine the amount of lawn care products you’ll need.

Once you enter your address on the company’s website, Sunday will analyze the condition of your lawn and your climate, then determine the products you need to make your landscape thrive. Sunday also sends you a soil test kit so you can return a sample to them.

Sunday will then send you a customized lawn care plan which includes the products and tools you’ll use throughout the year. Have questions? Sunday offers an instructional video below to help you get started.

Sunday also has a Help Center to answer your questions about its products and applications. I called the customer service number to get answers to some basic questions about how to fix problem spots on my lawn and which tools work best and I got a call back within 30 minutes. 

Company History

When Coulter and Trent Lewis started Sunday in 2019, they were looking to find a planet-friendly lawn care plan that was backed by nature and science. The Boulder, Colorado, brothers found their answer by hiring the horticulturist who once maintained Yankee stadium, Frank Rossi

Sunday isn’t the only lawn care-in-a-box company, but it is the best known, thanks to advertising and its $78 million in investor funding. Sunday uses no toxic pesticides and says its lawn care products are better for people, pets, and the planet.

Sunday Prices

Sunday lawn care plans screenshot detailing 4 plans and their prices

Annual subscriptions for Sunday’s products have varying costs (see above), depending on the size of your lawn and whether you choose the Basic Care, Keep & Protect, Grow & Renew, or Lawn & Paws plan. 

Some of Sunday’s fertilizers and pest and weed control products are available at Walmart and Lowe’s, where you can buy the nutrient pouches and special sprayers on site without a subscription.

The company’s plants, trees, and shrubs are available on the website without a subscription. Note: Sunday bundles some of its water-wise and pollinator garden collections to make it easier to plant a planet-friendly garden.

Sunday vs. DIY Lawn Care Costs

Here’s how Sunday’s lawn care products compare to the average cost of DIY lawn care: 

ServiceDIY Using Store Bought ProductsCost with Sunday
Weed control$9 to $33 for a pre-emergent
$15 for a bag of Preen Lawn Weed Control 
No pre-emergent herbicides offered.
Dandelion Doom – $22
Weed Warrior Herbicide – $22
Starter Pack- $32
Weeding Tools$6 to $60 for weeding tools$29 for a hand trowel
$22 for Fiskars Xact weeder
Fertilizer$20 to $80 for a 50-lb bag of granular fertilizer$30 per bag of Core Seagreen Dry Fertilizer
Lawn Pest Control$14 for 20 pounds of Triazicide$15 for neem oil
$26 for Monterey Garden Sluggo Plus
Amendments (Lime)$18 for 30 pounds of lime$20 for Potassium Boost Liquid Fertilizer
Grass Seed$10 to $30 for a 5-lb bag of most grass seed types$31 for a 5-lb bag of most grass seed types
Pet Lawn Treatment$35 for See Spot Run Lawn Protection
$39.95 for Petigreen
$20 for Pet Patch Lawn Treatment
Ice Melt$8.97 for a 50-lb bag of rock salt ice melt$32 for 7-lb pouch of Pet Safe Ice Melt

Sunday vs. Competitors 

Lawn care in a box isn’t unique to Sunday. I found other lawn care subscription services with comparable products and customer service. To make your decision easier, I compared prices on their basic subscription price for a year’s worth of products for a 4,700-square-foot lawn.

Sunday Lawn ServLawnbrightGnome
Smart Lawn Plan – $241 10-month Mostly Natural Plan – $390 Basic Lawn Care Plan – $280 for 3 shipments a year Magic Lawn Plan  – $179 plus $40 for a soil test kit
Phone support, no money back guarantee Phone support, no money-back refund. $50 subscription cancellation fee Phone support, pro-rated refund for unused products Phone support, 100% money-back guarantee 
4.4-star rating on Facebook 5-star rating on Facebook Not yet rated on Facebook 4.9-star rating on Facebook

Sunday Customer Reviews

Sunday gets a glowing review from Fortune, and customers give Sunday a 4.4-rating on Google reviews. 

Here’s a sample of what Sunday customers are saying:

Provides a greener lawn: We have been thrilled with our Sunday experience. I feel like our grass is the healthiest it’s ever been. We spend a lot of time at home, in our yard gardening or entertaining guests, so having lush thriving grass has been such a pleasure. – Jessica (Google Reviews)

Kid and pet-safe: I have lots of kids, two dogs, and a bunch of wildlife and demand my lawn be healthy and not full of harmful chemicals. This was my first full year with Sunday and I am a huge fan. My dogs are committed to the lawn’s demise and by June there were no spots in the yard for the rest of the year. Mike (Google Reviews)

Too expensive: It was nice as a first-timer, but now I’m much more knowledgeable and can do a better job for 1/3 of the price. They don’t actually do any real weed control, which is honestly a big part of having a lawn to be desired. – BCBaseball11 (Reddit)

Our yard has never looked better: In love with products and the service. Our yard has never looked better! Plus, we feel comfortable using these products on our lawn (we have kids, chickens, dogs). Lindsay from Fort Collins (Google Reviews)

Pros and Cons of Sunday Lawn Care Services

Sunday lawn care treatment pouch attached to a garden hose
Sunday makes DIY lawn care easy. If you have a garden hose, you can apply Sunday lawn care treatments.
Photo Credit: Sunday


  • No toxic pesticides so products are kid- and pet-friendly.
  • One-stop shopping for all your lawn care needs.
  • Products delivered to your door.
  • Less expensive than full-service lawn care companies.
  • Custom designed for your climate and lawn conditions.
  • Offers support staff to answer questions and guarantees all tools and products, sending replacement parts when necessary.
  • You can get grass seed and plant packages a la carte on the site. No subscription needed.


  • The company does not provide services like core aeration, which is crucial in arid climates for your lawn to absorb water, and for new grass seed to take root.
  • This program is only for DIY-ers willing to tackle lawn mowing, seeding, planting, dethatching, and other lawn care chores.

Pro & Con

  • Sunday provides a free soil test kit in the first box of supplies, but it doesn’t test the soil and send needed amendments until after you’ve started the program.

FAQ About Sunday Lawn Care

1. Are Sunday products safe for my kids and pets?

Yes, Sunday prides itself on a pet-friendly process, using no toxic pesticides and no harsh chemicals. 

2. How often do I need to apply Sunday’s fertilizer and weed killer to my lawn?

You’ll apply the nutrient pouches at least two times a year – four times to problem areas. You will apply these only during the growing season, from late spring to early fall. 

3. If I’m not satisfied with the product, can I get a refund?

Sunday does not offer refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. The company will also replace any faulty tools or equipment.

My Verdict on Sunday

Sunday takes all the guesswork out of yard work, saving you time, gas, and the hassle of figuring out what to buy. As long as you have a hose and are willing to do the work yourself, it’s a great option.

However, if you would rather not DIY your yard care – weeding, feeding, and mowing your lawn – hire a local LawnStarter pro to keep your grass trim, green, and healthy. LawnStarter also offers fertilization and leaf removal, too.

Main Image Credit: Sunday

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