3 Good Reasons To Care For Your Orlando Lawn


It’s easy to take it for granted, but living in Orlando is a treat. While most of the country suffers through bitterly cold winters, Central Floridians have the option of spending the day on the lake, walking through a beautiful green park, or even engaging in some winter lawn care. Put that way, Orlando is a super cool place to live.

Folks have many questions about living in Orlando, though, and because of industry, most that we hear resolve around lawn care (no surprise here, as we offer Orlando lawn care). And though we would never question the value of a sexy lawn, some people have the audacity to wonder, “why should I even bother with my Orlando lawn?” After gasping, we collected ourselves and put together an answer. So, is it even worth it to care for your Orlando lawn?

The short answer is, Yes. Though many in Southern Florida are exempt from the chore of perpetual lawn care, folks from Orlando are allowed the pleasure of crafting an amazing lawn. The converse, though, is that neglect can cause an eyesore of a lawn. Here are 3 reasons I believe it’s important to care for your Orlando lawn:


1. Neglecting Your Lawn Is Expensive

We’ve seen some pretty bad lawns . Many people call us after years of neglecting their lawn and ask, “how can I renovate my lawn?”. This is a tough question to answer, because most of the time, it’s either going to involve a massive time investment from the homeowner (dozens of hours + expensive equipment rentals) or thousands of dollars paid to a lawn care company. We’re not talking about a bit of overgrown turf; we’re talking about lawns so inhabited by weeds that the only option left is to strip the lawn and put fresh sod in. Have you ever dealt with sod? It’s expensive.

Given the opportunity costs of neglecting it or spending time/money doing it yourself, routine lawn maintenance isn’t all that expensive. Especially in Orlando, hiring a lawn care company is prudent because of the unique lawn care needed with our climate and grass types. Lawn care is a utility necessary to the overall maintenance of your home, and when done correctly and regularly, will reduce stress and cost in the long run.

2. Good Landscaping Can Increase Perceived Property Value 

First impressions matter, and a well-maintained lawn acts as the first touch point to a potential buyer. Picture walking up to two houses of the same condition. The first one has a pristine lawn with trimmed shrubs lining the sidewalk and well-maintained gardens to both sides. The second one has foot-long grass, weeds, and patches of dirt everywhere. Even if it is subconscious, you’re going to believe the first one is more presentable, valuable, and desirable.

This article by Virginia Tech’s turfgrass extension examines the effects of landscaping on home prices. It’s a valuable read. We also wrote about your lawn’s value on real estate value, where we interviewed dozens of real estate agents who agreed: take care of your lawn to get the best curb appeal.

3. Your Lawn Is A Frame For Your Home

Your lawn is more than a percentage increase in your perceived property value. Your home is more than the place you live. Your property is a symbol for what you’ve worked for. It is where you raise your children. You should be proud of it. Folks go typically put in a lot of work, first to be able to afford their home, and second, to decorate and perfect them. Shouldn’t it make sense, then, that we put as much effort into our lawns? After all, a bad frame can ruin a good piece of art. Your lawn and your landscaping effort is the casing for your home, the frame for your artwork. Instead of putting your priceless piece of art in a Walmart frame, consider putting it in an ornate display that showcases and amplifies your home’s beauty.

In addition to mowing Central Florida lawns, LawnStarter also offers Austin lawn services as well as Northern Virginia and Fairfax lawn mowing.


Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett is marketer and writer. Aside from mowing lawns, he loves snowboarding, eating sushi, and lifting heavy weights. He moved to Austin, TX after graduating from the University of Wisconsin.