22 Trellis Ideas that are Simple and Easy

Metal trellis with pink climbing flowers against a blue sky

Unblemished vegetables, masterful centerpieces, and sound-absorbing privacy screens –– creative trellis ideas hold the secret to many sought-after landscape hacks. 

Trellises are a must in your landscape, especially if you’re stuck with a small yard. These handy structures are excellent space-savers, as they can serve multiple purposes at once. Their functionality makes them the perfect addition to your vegetable garden, pergola, deck, container garden, or side yard

Whether you’re a DIY mastermind or prefer hiring the professionals, these 22 trellis ideas will turn any homeowner’s landscape into a showpiece. 

What is a Trellis?

Metal trellis with pink, climbing flowers
Photo Credit: Jacob Windham from Mobile, USA / CC BY 2.0

A trellis is a structure that supports climbing plants, its open framework enabling plants to grow upward. 

Trellises are typically made of wood but can feature many materials, including metal, rope, garden twine, wire, bamboo, or PVC.

22 Trellis Ideas for Your Landscape

1. Trellised planter box

A trellised planter box adds aesthetic appeal and an opportunity to grow self-climbers, such as climbing hydrangea or ornamental hyacinth bean. 

Your planter box can showcase a few of your favorite annuals, while the trellis shows off a living wall that can even act as a privacy screen. The design is the perfect 3-in-1 for a small garden or small yard.

2. Beautiful trellis tunnel

Trellis covered in green vines make a tunnel
Photo Credit: David Mark / Pixabay

Turn a spacious backyard into a magical trellis tunnel. It’s a creative way to attract visitors to your new butterfly garden and make the most of peaceful evening walks. 

Grow star jasmine vine along your arched trellises. Its sweet scent and creamy petals will feel like heaven. 

3. Support your vegetables

Metal trellises in garden beds
Photo Credit: Patrick / CC BY 2.0

Trellising your vegetables has many benefits, including: 

  • Improving air circulation around your plants.
  • Keeping foliage off the ground and away from soil-borne diseases.
  • Exposing more leaves to sunlight.
  • Making vegetables easier to pick.
  • Enabling better pollination.

4. Container garden trellis

Even a container garden will benefit from a supporting framework. Either install the trellis inside the pot or place the trellis outside the pot and directly next to it. 

For visual appeal, consider using a lattice trellis. The crisscrossing lattice pattern will bring a lovely texture to your container garden.

5. Caged tomato trellis

Tomato plants growing in two caged tomato trellises
Photo Credit: Rex Hammock / CC BY-SA 2.0

For a bountiful harvest and unblemished tomatoes, grow these delicious fruits (yes, tomatoes are technically fruits) with trellised cages.

As your tomato plants grow upward, their delicate branches grow burdened with massive fruit. A tomato cage helps prop the thriving plants’ weight and ensure the tomatoes are protected from pests and diseases. 

6. Atop a Pergola

Outdoor seating area beneath a pergola with trellis roof
Photo Credit: Kendyl Young / CC BY 2.0

A trellis needn’t always be on the ground. Why not have it on the ceiling?

Have your favorite climbing blooms grow up your pergola and along its rooftop. You and your guests will relish the extra shade, the fresh perfumes, and the delicate ceiling petals. 

7. Design a rope-and-bamboo trellis

Vegetables growing on a rope and bamboo trellis
Photo Credit: Doug Beckers / CC BY-SA 2.0

Get creative with materials for your trellis ideas. Not everyone has spare wood lying around in the tool shed. A rope-and-bamboo trellis can do wonders for growing your small vegetables. 

8. Wall trellis climbers

Flowers climbing on a trellis attached to a wall
Photo Credit: douvelos / Needpix

Are you looking to transform your side yard or your home’s exterior? Attach a trellis to the wall and watch climbers steal the show. 

For a dramatic pop of color, grow climbers like sweet pea, mandevilla, bougainvillea, and trumpet vine along your wall trellis. 

9. A-frame garden trellis

A-frame pole bean trellis in garden
Photo Credit: Linda N. / CC BY 2.0

An A-frame garden trellis is an easy DIY project. The frame’s tall height and leaning structure help make it an appealing focal point in the garden area. 

These handy garden trellis ideas are especially useful for growing pole beans.                         

10. Garden arbor

Arched garden arbor covered in bright green vines
Photo Credit:  jill111 / Needpix

You put a great deal of time and energy into designing your moon garden. The right thing to do is show it off. 

Install an arching trellis arbor at the entrance of your moon garden to attract the eye of guests. The focal point will draw your guests’ attention, and a charming walking path leading to the moon garden will make them eager to explore. 

11. Grow a vertical garden

Wall of vegetables near a set of stairs
Photo Credit: José Sáez / CC BY-SA 2.0

Vertical gardens are the perfect solution for homeowners who don’t have the yard space to grow a regular garden. There are many ways to create a vertical garden design.

Depending on how you build your upward garden, a wire or wood trellis can help support your plants against gravity’s pull.

12. Spruce up the deck

Outdoor deck with a trellised roof
Photo Credit: Jeremy Levine / CC BY 2.0

Install a trellis above or around your back deck. If you install it along the deck’s perimeter, your potted plants will be growing right next to it. You can even turn it into a chevron border full of blooming, climbing roses. 

For added shade and charm, cover the deck’s trellis rooftop with your favorite climbers. 

13. Involve your bench

Turn your reading bench into a calming, beautiful sanctuary with a blooming trellis. Either install the trellis next to your bench or build your wooden seat right into the trellis itself. 

As you rest in your outdoor reading nook, you’ll enjoy the privacy that a living wall of climbing vines can give you. 

14. Craft your gazebo or pavilion

If you’re building a pavilion or gazebo in your secret garden, include a trellis in its design. Wisteria, trumpet honeysuckle, and cypress vines will turn the small building into a more private getaway. 

15. Make it a centerpiece

White arched trellis in the middle of the yard
Photo Credit: dannybeth / Pixabay

A trellis makes an attractive centerpiece in the landscape. It can bring unity to the backyard or turn your front lawn into a beauty. 

Whether it’s a freestanding trellis, wall trellis, teepee trellis, or arch trellis, any trellis covered in white climbing roses will have your neighbors oohing and ahhing over your landscaping focal point.

16. Build a privacy screen

White privacy screen trellis with a potted plant hanging on the lattice work
Photo Credit: Deedster / Pixabay 

Trellises are an excellent tool for privacy landscaping. Intricate lattice work with a compact pattern can make a useful privacy screen by itself. 

Want another dose of security?

Grow creeping fig up your lattice. The ivy will create a thick layer to block out wandering eyes and help absorb any distracting noise. 

17. Install a trellis fence

Trellis fence sits atop brick wall featuring a large wooden gate
Photo Credit: Tristan Ferne / CC BY 2.0

A trellis fence around the perimeter of your yard will help ward off intruders, keep the kids away from the road, and create boundaries for your outdoor pets. 

18. Carve out separate areas

A trellis not only supports plants and creates curb appeal, but it also helps to separate areas of the yard. 

Perhaps you’d like your zen rock garden to have a detachment from the busy street just a few feet away. Install a simple trellis fence, gate, screen, or arbor to help you disconnect from the outside world and find peace in your rock garden. 

19. Wire trellis

Pink flowers and green vines growing on a wire trellis
Photo Credit: Judit Klein / CC BY-ND 2.0

Wire trellises have many benefits and are popular for their low maintenance requirements. 

Durable wire trellises won’t rot from water exposure like wood, and they can be installed around tall buildings to hold up heavy vining plants. The wire often can withstand the effects of weather. 

20. Front lawn entryway

Arched trellis leads to a home's front entryway
Photo Credit: David Sawyer / CC BY-SA 2.0

Make an unforgettable first impression with a grand entryway to your front lawn landscape. An arched trellis will have your friends and family thinking they’ve stepped into a one-of-a-kind lawn (which they have). 

For an outstanding impression, cover your striking entryway with firecracker vine, Carolina jasmine, or morning glory. 

21. Bolster the flower beds

Pink and yellow flowers grow up a white flower bed trellis
Photo Credit: Francine Sreca / Pixabay 

Are your tall flowers getting tangled together or drooping? Install a trellis in your flower beds or raised beds for support.

Your black-eyed Susans and coneflowers will be even more eye-catching as they wrap around garden trellises. 

22. Gateway trellis

Close up of metal gate with lattice work
Photo Credit: Alicja / Pixabay

If your garden gate or driveway gate has the right design, it can make a great trellis. Spruce up its wrought-iron framework with Boston ivy, wisteria, or black-eyed Susan vine. 

FAQ About Trellises

Where should I install my trellis?

The best place to install your trellis is where you’ll get the most use out of it. 

If the neighbor’s trash cans are spoiling your view, or you want a private outdoor living space, use your trellis as a privacy screen. Install it near your patio, gazebo, deck, or outdoor space for security and comfort. 

If you’re a green thumb looking forward to the fruits and vegetables every year, your garden space may be the perfect spot for a trellis. 

Do you need a boost of curb appeal? Install your freestanding trellis in the front yard or hang a trellis near your home’s front door.  

Want your friends and family to explore your favorite parts of the yard? Lead them in the right direction with an enticing trellis arbor.  

What are the best flowering vines to grow on my trellis?

Several self-climbing flowers will look spectacular on your trellis. With plenty of options available, you needn’t limit yourself. 

Need a few suggestions? How about these: 

  • Clematis
  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Chocolate vine
  • Trumpet vine
  • Moonflower
  • Nasturtium
  • Hardy Kiwi vine
  • Cypress vine

Which fruits and vegetables grow well on a trellis?

Many of your veggies and fruits will love having a trellis to climb, including: 

  • Pole beans
  • Peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Melons
  • Tomatoes
  • Summer squash

Do I need a builder’s permit to build a trellis?

In some cases, you may need a builder’s permit to install your trellis. A small trellis in your garden likely won’t require a builder’s permit, but a tall trellis fence or privacy screen may. 

Check your local building codes or homeowners’ association for proper guidelines on your trellis ideas.  

When to Hire a Professional

Not all of us have a talent for building our own trellis. That’s where the professionals can help. 

Call a professional landscaper near you for trellis ideas, design, or installation. A landscaper can discuss different trellis styles, like chevron or lattice, and can even help you decide on materials. 

Your landscaper may even be equipped with a green thumb and be happy to plant your flowering vines for you. You can rest assured your flowers will be planted correctly and have no trouble growing along your trellis.  

Main image credit: David Mark / Pixabay 

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