6 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Go Outside This Weekend

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Being outside has many benefits that affect both your health and life. Nature offers numerous opportunities that can help to alleviate stress, provide enjoyment, and work in some exercise. Consider the following reasons to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

1. Stress Relief

Studies have shown that being outside helps to promote peace and lessen stress levels. The combined fresh air, natural sounds like birds chirping and children laughing provide stress relief that is hard to receive anywhere else. Taking a walk around the block or stopping to admire the blooming roses in a neighbor’s yard are all ways to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the outside areas around your home. Going outside has proven to lessen cortisol levels than those who spend time only in the city. Spending time outdoors also decreases stress not only the day of the outdoor activity but also provides health benefits for a few days afterward as cortisol levels have been recorded to be lower a few days after spending time outdoors.

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2. Backyard Enjoyment

Outdoor space for homeowners is an important item on the list when looking for a home. Your backyard provides not only extra living space but also was a large part of your home’s purchase price. Make sure that you are getting the full benefits of your backyard by spending time outdoors. Create a backyard oasis that makes it easy to spend time outdoors by adding seating and a focal point like a fire pit. Adding in a garden will also allow you to relax and contribute to colorful greenery around your patio area. And if you take pride in having a lush yard, consider a local lawn care crew to take care of that for you.  Being able to enjoy the outdoor space that you paid for is a great reason to go outside.

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3. Exercise

Many people choose to use the outdoors in order to get some exercise into their day. Using the trails and exercise opportunities in your area are great reasons to get outside. Taking a simple walk can help elevate your heart rate and burn calories. Make use of play areas and sports fields in your area by getting a few friends together for a friendly game of soccer. Going outside to spend time with your dog is also a great reason to get outdoors. Allowing your pet to run free for a little allows them to essentially de-stress as well.  Consider working in your backyard or rake leaves in order to freshen up the look of your home as well as provide a light workout.

4. Natural Vitamins

Getting outside provides some excellent vitamins as well with Vitamin D being the nicknamed the “Sunshine Vitamin”. When the sun’s UV-B rays reach the skin a chemical reaction takes place that helps the cells produce Vitamin D. Spending just 10 minutes outside during lunchtime is a good way to get enough sun exposure. Vitamin D is important in preventing diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, and a few different cancers. It also helps to protect against other health issues like insomnia and depression.  Just remember that the best time to soak in Vitamin D is when the sun is high in the sky to provide the UV rays that help provide this sunshine vitamin.

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5. Immunity Boost

Spending time outdoors actually helps to challenge the immune system by being exposed to different elements. Your immune system will become stronger, and produce white blood cells when spending time outdoors. Studies have shown that this increase in white blood cells stays elevated for up to 30 days after spending time outdoors. Going outdoors is a great way to strengthen the natural germ-fighting power of your body.

6. Improved Memory

A recent study involving college students who were given a memory test before going on a short walk. Half of the group walked through a forest while the other half walked down a city street. Upon returning they were given another memory test and the students who took a walk in the forest scored consistently 20% higher than those who took a walk in the city. The theory is that nature provides less information and distraction than time spent in the city.

Spending time outdoors is important in providing multiple health benefits like relieving stress and benefitting immunity. Receiving vitamin D and improving memory are other reasons to go outside. Getting in a workout as well as enjoying your home’s outdoor space are other great ways to spend time in the great outdoors. Follow these reasons to go outside in order to improve your mental and physical health on a regular basis.

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