lilac bush pruning tips for lancaster
Lancaster, PA

Lilac Bush Pruning Tips for Lancaster, PA

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, fragrant lilac bush? While these plants are well-suited to Pennsylvania’s climate, they do require regular maintenance. While it requires some precise timing, it doesn’t take an expert to prune these bushes. Here are our lilac bush pruning tips for Lancaster, PA.  When to Prune Lilac […]

yard drainage 101 in harrisburg
Harrisburg, PA

Yard Drainage 101 In Harrisburg, Pa.

Water leaking into your basement can be your worst nightmare. What about standing water or pools that never seem to go away? This may be a sign that you have a lot of clay in your soil. You could install an expensive permanent drainage system, but there are also several creative […]

mole cricket lawn damage
Allentown, PA

4 Lawn Destroying Insects to Watch Out For

A healthy, lush lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood. In addition to attracting the birds and the bees, a healthy lawn is also inviting to hungry insects. Here are the four common lawn destroying insects to watch out for in Allentown, PA.   Japanese Beetle The Japanese beetle […]

backyard water
Harrisburg, PA

Backyard Water Features You Need to Add

If you love entertaining outdoors on your deck or patio, you’re constantly looking for new ways to make your backyard more appealing. Nothing beats those summer evenings eating hamburgers with good friends and a calming atmosphere. You can really spice up your barbecue by adding a water feature. The soothing […]

flowering crabapple
Allentown, PA

The Best Trees to Plant in Allentown, PA

Here in Pennsylvania, homeowners take great pride in their trees. Not only are they a source of beauty but also provide shade from the intense summer heat. Trees are one of the best investments you can make in your yard, growing with you and your family over the generations. Here is […]

rain storm
City Rankings, Philadelphia

The 10 Most Weather-Confused Cities

What’s the first thing you hear when you turn on a radio or television newscast?  Unless there’s some disastrous event taking place, it’s the changing weather forecast.  Often the weather forecast is the catastrophic event. Even if we’re not expecting a hurricane or blizzard, the weather forecast in most cities […]