Tips For Watering Your Lawn in St. Louis, MO


Summer will soon be upon us in the St. Louis area which means lots of sunlight, humidity, and the need to water your lawn. You might view yard work as chores but there are different products and options available on the market to make this task easier. There is also a bit of science involved in making sure that all of the work that you put into watering your lawn has a maximum effect on the grass itself. So. when it comes to lawn care in St. Louis, follow these steps to water efficiently.

Get the Roots Wet

It can be hard to tell how wet the ground is and how many inches are really being soaked into the soil. A good watering will not only get the lawn itself wet but also penetrate down to the root system. Grassroots can either be short or long depending on your grass variety so make sure that you know what kind of variety you have planted. Check the soil by taking a shovel to an area of your lawn and pulling up the sod to look at the root system. Once the roots are wet you have watered enough. Note the time that it took your sprinkler to water that amount and you won’t have to check your sod every time you water. Make sure to check for local restrictions so you know the amount of watering you can do each week.

Water in the Morning

It can be easy to think that any time is a good time to water your lawn but the best time to do so is in the early morning between 4am-10am. Watering twice a week in the morning will allow the water to soak the grass longer as the air is cooler than other times of the day. There is also usually not a lot of wind in the morning which will keep the grass saturated and make sure that the plants have enough time to soak up the moisture.

Don’t get caught watering your lawn in the middle of the day when the water will evaporate too quickly. This just wastes time, money, and can leave your lawn incredibly dry even though you just watered it. Also, stay away from watering your lawn at night because water can sit on the grass leaves and promote fungus growth. You may think that allowing the leaves to be wet overnight allows them to soak up the moisture better but it actually can bring disease to your lawn.

Invest In a Timer

Trying to remember to water your lawn can be hard enough without having to worry about how long to watch the clock. Consider investing in a timer that can be connected to the faucet and hose. This will allow you to turn on the water after a designated amount of time without having to physically be there to do so. The timer will automatically stop the water so that you don’t have to worry about over watering the lawn. This simple investment pays itself back in full in the amount of water that you could potentially be wasting by forgetting that the sprinkler was on.

Not All Sprinklers Are Alike

The best and easiest choice for watering your lawn is an in-ground sprinkler system but not every St. Louis homeowner wants to invest in such a costly expense. If you don’t have an in-ground system, consider choosing a sprinkler that pulsates and revolves to reach a wide area of your lawn. It shoots water out quickly at an angle which makes it less susceptible to evaporation.

Avoid oscillating sprinklers that slowly move from side to side for an established lawn. This style shoots water straight up into the area and isn’t as effective at wetting the lawn. However, if you just planted grass seeds, an oscillating sprinkler is a good choice. It is gentle enough to fall onto seedlings without the chance of blowing the seedlings away with the force of a pulsating sprinkler.

Prepare yourself for a hot St. Louis summer but knowing these easy tips for watering your lawn. Be sure to water early in the morning and know how long it takes for the grassroots to be reached. Consider different types of sprinklers for your needs and invest in a timer that will make watering your lawn less of a chore. Enjoy a beautiful and lush yard this summer by knowing how to effectively water your lawn.


Nikki Moore