Bradford pear tree
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5 Worst Trees to Plant in Dallas

The city of Dallas has a shady plan: It wants residents to plant trees. The Urban Forestry Management Plan aims to cool the city down by encouraging more trees. It’s a great way to mitigate the urban heat island effect that drives those triple-digit temperatures even higher in the summer. […]

Blue butterfly bush
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7 Hot Houston Landscaping Trends

It’s no secret that people in Houston love their yards.  Just drive through West University, River Oaks, the Heights, Spring Branch, or the outlying suburbs. You’ll see a variety of beautiful plants and landscape design. Yes, despite the quick-changing temperatures, humidity, and ongoing challenges of heat and heavy rain, Houston […]

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Worst Garden Pests in Austin

Austin’s humid, subtropical climate makes it a paradise for gardeners. It also makes it a paradise for garden pests. Anyone who has spent time in the capital city knows warm seasons bring all kinds of things that fly, crawl, creep, and lurk. The Austin area is home to hundreds of […]