Author: Joyce Starr

Dog scratching flea
Pest control

Controlling Fleas in Your Yard

Anyone who has lived through a flea infestation knows how miserable it can become. When they invade, your pets won’t be the only ones scratching. You will be itching too, as the tiny pests find you just as tasty as Fluffy and Mr. Bones. Flea Facts The best flea defense […]

American cockroach Credit: Mr.TinDC cc20
Pest control

Getting Rid of Cockroaches Outside

When most people think about cockroaches, feelings of disgust encompass them imagining these filth and germ-ridden pests scurrying across surfaces inside the home.However, not all cockroaches live indoors. Various types prefer an outdoor habitat where they still reside in filth, dirt and debris. We’ve outlined the most common outdoor cockroach species, […]

Tips for Leveling a Lawn
General Lawn Care

Tips for Leveling a Lawn

Is your entire lawn or areas of the lawn suffering a sudden identify crisis due to ruts, low spots small hills or ridges, leading to an uneven lawn? When your lawn isn’t level it can lose its once-pristine look, and lead to damage and even accidents due to the ruts […]

How to Care For Palm Trees
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How to Care For Palm Trees

Nothing emits the same lush, tropical feel as a landscape filled with majestic palm trees. Well-maintained palms beautify the landscape as they add to your home’s value. What’s not to like about that? Proper palm tree care leads to hardy and long-lived trees and their care begins the moment you transplant them into […]

Palm tree seedlings
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Guide to Selecting and Planting Palm Trees

Nothing symbolizes a tropical and beachy paradise better than a palm tree. Adding one, or many, to your home gives an otherwise bland landscape a kiss of the exotic. To grow palm trees properly starts with proper planting and the steps to planting a new palm aren’t difficult. Proper planting gets […]