Blue palo verde tree
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Best Shade Trees to Plant in Phoenix

Phoenix might not be the first city that comes to mind when people think of trees. But a respectable number of trees grow quite well in this booming metropolitan area of 5 million people. With a little thought and planning, your Phoenix home can have a canopy of boughs that […]

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Control Phoenix Pests

It’s no secret chemical pesticides are bad for the environment. They can also harm your family, friends, and pets. So why not try a more eco-friendly strategy? We’ve got some eco-friendly tips to control outdoor pests in Phoenix. The “eco-friendliest” practice is prevention. Prevention starts with a healthy yard and garden. […]

Emory oak
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7 Best Native Trees for Phoenix

Using native trees in your Phoenix landscape offers shade and heat relief and won’t rob the precious water supply, as their water requirements are lower compared to nonnative species. Below are native trees of Arizona that are suitable for a variety of landscape sizes and needs and best all, thrive […]

Male human head louse
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Controlling Head Lice in Phoenix

Just thinking about head lice can be enough to make our skin crawl. These tiny, wingless parasites make themselves at home on human scalps. Read on to learn more about head lice and how to control them. Adult head lice are about the size of a sesame seed, between 2-4 […]

Giant mesquite bug
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Weirdest Insects in Phoenix

Phoenix is crawling with interesting insects – literally! Yes, some are dangerous, but others are just wonderfully weird and harmless. Today we’ll take a look at these – and what you can do if you encounter one. Giant Mesquite Bugs Giant mesquite bugs (Thasus neocalifornicus) are a member of the […]