Summer Lawn Care Tips for Colorado Springs, CO

Summer in Colorado Springs is ideal for outdoor adventures for families, friends and hiking enthusiasts. As a busy summer tourism destination, Colorado Springs provides 5Ks and marathons, dragon boat festivals and concerts, gorgeous hiking trails and camping sites.

But as you enjoy the summer, it’s important to care for your lawn because temperatures in Colorado Springs are hot. Here are four tips for proper summer lawn care so your yard stays healthy and does not dry out.

Water Your Lawn More

In the early summer, around early to mid June, you should start watering more to encourage stronger root growth. As you apply water for longer—albeit less frequent—periods—you will encourage roots to grow deeper and give your lawn a stronger foundation to fight off diseases and pests throughout the summer. Deep root zones also help fight drought and other environmental stressors your grass may encounter this summer.

But be careful not to water too much or else your grass will drown and die. To check if your lawn has enough water, you can use a soil moisture sensor, or take a screwdriver and press against the dirt: if the screwdriver pushes down easily, then your lawn has enough water.

Mow Only One-Third of Your Grass At A Time

Remember the one-third rule when mowing, meaning that you should never remove more than a third of the height of the grass blade. If your type of grass should be two inches, then wait until it reaches three inches to mow so you’re only removing the top inch.

Don’t Over-fertilize Your Lawn

If you apply too much fertilizer during the hot summer months, you run the risk of burning the grass. Check to see if your grass even needs fertilizer by doing a soil test. If it doesn’t, skip that step of your lawn care routine so that you don’t cause even more stress to the lawn.

Prevent Pests

Summertime is a time when certain pests appear, such as mole crickets. Keep an eye on your grass for symptoms of brown patch disease or grubs. If you do notice something, it’s recommended you call a pro or head to your local garden supply store for some pesticide to help solve the problem early.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Colorado Springs lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Colorado Springs, we provide lawn care services to other Colorado cities, including Denver.

Featured image source: Zillow Colorado Springs