7 Glamping Hot Spots for City Dwellers

glamping hot spots for city dwellers

Roughing it not quite your thing? If you’re looking to get out of town and connect with nature without having to rough it in a traditional camping situation, then try glamping just outside your city. Glamping is a form of “glamour camping” with a more adjustable way to experience nature and with less of the things people may not enjoy–bugs, sleeping on the ground, wild animals brushing up against the tent. It’s a growing trend among people from the city, who aren’t used to all that nature surrounding them. It’s a way to enjoy nature, without getting completely outdoors and without all the modern amenities you’ve come to love (think: running water, flushing toilets, heating).

glamping hot spots for city dwellers
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Sometimes, that’s just what you need to get ready for the next big thing in your life, from school to jobs to buying a new house. The best thing about glamping? You don’t have to worry about doing the laundry or mowing the lawn until you get home. You’ll have a few days worry-free. Here are seven of the top glamping hot spots for city dwellers:

1. Austin, TX: Walden Retreat

For luxury camping outside Austin, Texas, Walden Retreats has safari style tents so you can get an outdoor experience without sacrificing hotel amenities. With hiking, nearby wineries, concerts and more, glamping under the big starry sky in Texas isn’t far away.

2. Flagstaff, AZ: Nordic Village

For those from Phoenix, Las Vegas or even Los Angeles, Flagstaff is just a few hours drives from you. This glamping village allows guests to stay in yurts while enjoying the forest and mountains surrounding them.

3. Denver, CO: Evergreens on Fall River

These log cabins, located less than 2 hours from Denver and just outside Rocky Mountain National Park, offer a serene, secluded getaway. Pack a bathing suit, because these cabins have a hot tub.

4. Los Angeles, CA: Blue Sky Center

Just two hours from Los Angeles, Blue Sky Center is in the high desert, right between two mountain ranges. Starry skies and expansive views of the surrounding land await glampers at the Blue Sky Center. The Shelton Huts give you just the right space to experience the desert.

5. Albany, NY: Getaway

These cabins are spread across campsites, giving you privacy to unwind while not fully isolating you from other people in the woods. Located in Catskill, NY, Getaway’s cabins are just about an hour drive south from Albany, allowing you to escape from the city that never sleeps for a weekend of relaxation.

6. Charlotte, NC: Asheville Glamping

Asheville Glamping has trailers, tents, yurts and even a treehouse for guests to get a full glamping experience without sacrificing their favorite amenities. These glamping sites give you access to fun outdoor activities, like hiking or campfires, while also giving you a great Instagram backdrop for your weekend away.

7. Las Vegas, NV: Silver Trailer

You don’t even have to leave the city to get a great glamping experience in Las Vegas. Right in downtown, you can stay in the Silver Trailer, a 1967 Airstream. From there, you can visit the typical Vegas tourist attractions or take a drive out to Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire State Park for some outdoor adventure among the red sandstone.

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