Author: Jennifer Klemmetson

glamping hot spots for city dwellers

7 Glamping Hot Spots for City Dwellers

Roughing it not quite your thing? If you’re looking to get out of town and connect with nature without having to rough it in a traditional camping situation, then try glamping just outside your city. Glamping is a form of “glamour camping” with a more adjustable way to experience nature […]

best places to camp west

10 Best Places to Camp in the West

Sometimes, you just need to get outside. Get away from work or school or the general busyness of life. Hiding out in the forest or the desert or the beach, pitching a tent and relaxing with your friends and family can be just the escape you need. And better yet, […]


Spring Lawn Care Tips for Milwaukee, WI

Spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin may bring memories of rainy days. But those rainy days lead to those beautiful warm spring afternoons, full of lush green grass and colorful flowers that the rain nourished. But a perfect lawn doesn’t just happen, despite the rain and snowmelt. Here are six spring lawn […]