How To Minimize Damage from Lawn Decorations

After the holidays you may find a nasty surprise under those lawn decorations: dead grass and brown patches. Those heavy decorations take their toll on our lawns. After a year of diligent maintenance and care, this can be disheartening. Here are a few tips to help you minimize damage from lawn decorations in Henderson, N.C.

Use a timer

christmas lightsYour lawn can easily be damaged from excessive foot traffic when you walk over to plug it in your lights every night. Some grass types can’t handle the wear and tear during the colder months. Using a timer for holiday lights will cut down on lawn damage. A good reminder is to always hook your timer up to external power cords and GFCI protected outlets. Through harsh winters, normal power cords will only cause additional damage when mixed with rain and snow. 

Avoid heavy decorations

lawn decorationThe heavier your decorations, the worse damage your lawn will endure. Avoiding heavy holiday decorations will save your lawn from mold and root tearing. You’ll get to spend more time enjoying your yard this spring instead of having to repair damaged spots. It’s easy to find alternatives for your normally heavy decor. Inflatable snowmen for the winter are a prime example. 

According to Gentleman Zone, over excessive decorations will hurt the style and grace of landscaping. That’s why balance and aesthetics are a must. Heavy decorations are a sign of tawdry taste.

Move your decorations around

Even those lighter decorations can cause problems if left in the same spot for too long. Your grass needs oxygen and sunlight to thrive. To avoid smothering your lawn, move the inflatables every few days. This will give those patches of grass time to breathe and soak up the sun. Remember, the more sunlight your yard is getting, the more you’ll want to move your inflatables. After only one full day of sunlight, a brown patch could appear and take weeks to heal. 

inflatableHaving a beautifully decorated lawn doesn’t have to mean the quality of your grass needs to suffer. Consider these few tips for your next holiday party! Need additional help? Visit our Henderson lawn care page for more info!


Rachel Vogel