How To Build a Backyard Putting Green in Henderson, NC

Build a Backyard Putting Green in Henderson

Imagine being able to get in a few hours of practice without having to leave your backyard. If you have a larger backyard then the possibility of conveniently upping your golf game is very real! So put down the golf clubs and grab some tools. Here are our tips on how to build a backyard putting green in Henderson, NC. 

Prep work is key

The first thing to do with any backyard project is to create a plan. Look for any trouble areas where your lawn struggles to grow. A putting green is a great way to cover that up. Avoid using any low-lying areas where water tends to pool.

Choose Your Turf

artificial turfThe costs and maintenance of using real grass for your putting green make artificial turf one of your best options. There’s a variety to choose from, including nylon and polypropylene. The turf will be the most expensive part of the project, but the ease of maintenance and the convenience will be worth it.

Gather your tools

Next, you’re going to want to gather the necessary tools for this project. Here’s a list of things you’ll need before you get started.

  • Digging tools
  • Crushed gravel
  • A plate compactor (easy and cheap to rent)
  • Landscape fabric
  • A post-hole digger
  • Sand
  • Drop spreader
  • Turf pegs/staples
  • Utility knife
  • Golf cups

Start digging

Dig up the area you plan to use and pour crushed gravel over the soil. This will provide drainage during heavy rain. Make sure to go over the area with your plate compactor to smooth it out.

crushed gravelPlace your landscape fabric over the area to prevent weeds from growing.

Install your golf cups

Use your post-hole digger to dig the holes for your golf cups. Then place the cups into the holes and fill the gaps in with crushed gravel as necessary. If you want to go above and beyond, you can pour quick-drying cement into the gaps to make it even more stable.

Roll out the green carpet

Using a drop spreader, put down a layer of sand over top your fabric. This will make your area smoother, prevent bacteria from growing, increase your drainage, and work as a shock absorber.

After the sand is smoothed out, you can roll out the artificial turf. Use your turf staples to hold it in place and make sure to tuck in the edges to give it a professional look.

Once it’s rolled out, use your drop spreader again to spread the sand into your turf. Using sand as an infill will make the individual blades stand up, giving it a real grass look and feel. Spray the area with a little bit of water to clean up the dust and settle the sand.

Cut out the golf cups

golf ballFeel around for your golf cups under the turf. When you find them use your utility knife to cut out the inside of the holes. Trip the edges, and you’re good to go! You can now enjoy golfing in your backyard.

If building a putting green in your backyard here in Henderson seems like too big a job, we can help! Visit our Henderson lawn care page for more info! 


Rachel Vogel