Guide To A Mosquito-Free Birdbath in Goldsboro, NC

Mosquito-Free Birdbath in Goldsboro

If you have bird feeders in your yard, a birdbath is a great addition to keep birds hydrated, clean, and entertained. But birds aren’t the only critters attracted to standing water. Mosquitos love to congregate around it. Here is your guide to a mosquito-free birdbath in Goldsboro, NC.

Change the Water On a Regular Basis

bird bathAfter a female mosquito lays her eggs in standing water, it takes about a week to ten days for them to hatch and reach adulthood. To prevent them from hatching, change the water once a week and toss the old water onto the lawn or flower bed.

Use A Mosquito Dunk

There are several chemicals and pesticides you can use to kill mosquitos, but those chemicals are harmful to birds. Mosquito dunks are safe to use in birdbaths and other waterers. The small disks contain a bacteria that’s only toxic to mosquito larvae. They slowly dissolve in about a month, so keep an eye on the birdbath and add a new dunk when the old one is gone.

Agitate the Water

Mosquitos can only lay eggs in still water. So agitating the water will prevent the pests from using your bird bath as a nursery. You could add a small fountain or something that vibrates in the water. An inexpensive solar powered agitator uses the water in the birdbath and doesn’t need a hose connection. This is the most effective method for keeping the mosquitos away.

Other Standing Water

bird bath waterBirdbaths aren’t the only place mosquitos attempt to lay their eggs. There are numerous places where standing water can sit unnoticed, especially after a good rain. Check around your yard for water in tires, flower pots, and children’s toys.

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Rachel Vogel