Common Grass Types for Lawns in St. Louis, MO

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Located in the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis experiences summers that are humid, hot, and did I mention humid? The region is considered to be in the transition zone dividing the Northern and Southern regions of the country. Trying to find the right grass to plant that can survive St. Louis summers, as well as frigid winters, can be a challenge. Each grass type has its own pros and cons that can help you decide which one will give you a beautiful lawn that won’t die after one season. Check out the following best grasses to plant in the St. Louis area:


This hardy warm season grass does great in humid St. Louis summers but will turn tan from early fall to late spring. If you are looking for a grass that thrives during the summer, but not during the rest of the year, Zoysia is a great choice. It can handle heavy foot traffic and drought during hot St. Louis summers as well. Zoysia can take longer to establish than other grass varieties but once it takes to hold it creates a dense and tough lawn structure with a deep root structure. During drought years, Zoysia is a good choice because it requires 50% less water to stay green compared to Kentucky Bluegrass.

Mowing Height: Zoysia should be kept between 1 to 1 ½ inches tall.

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Tall Fescue

tall fescue

If you are looking to have a green lawn for long periods of the year, Tall Fescue is a good choice. It will turn green in early spring and should stay green until the first frost. However, Tall Fescue can struggle in the hot and humid St. Louis summers. This cool season grass is heat and drought tolerant and prefers to grow in bunches. It is a very durable grass that is also disease resistant. Tall Fescue grows the most during spring and fall months and overseeding can be beneficial to keep the lawn area looking even. This is a great choice for St. Louis lawns as it requires 25% less water than Zoysia grass to stay green.

Mowing Height: Tall Fescue should be kept between 2 to 3 inches tall.

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Kentucky Bluegrass

As the all-time favorite for many homeowners, Kentucky Bluegrass offers a lush, durable, and dense lawn. This cool season grass does well in northern parts of the country but can do well in the transitional zone of the St. Louis area. It is excellent in winter but can sometimes struggle with heat and drought. Kentucky Bluegrass needs more maintenance than other grass varieties but the payoff is an exceptionally beautiful lawn. As a cool season grass type, it grows more during the spring and fall seasons as well. Watering will be needed throughout St. Louis summers to keep this shallow-rooted grass variety at peak performance.

Mowing Height: Kentucky Bluegrass should be kept between 2 to 2 ½ inches during spring and fall and 3 to 4 inches during summer.

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This warm season grass is a great choice for those St. Louis homeowners with lawns that receive full sun. It is exceptionally tolerant of both heat and drought and recovers quickly after heavy foot traffic. Bermudagrass is incredibly tough and can withstand much of nature’s fury. It thrives during hot St. Louis summers but can struggle during cold winters. It isn’t the first choice that St. Louis homeowners choose for their lawns but can still be seen in the area. Bermudagrass grows incredibly fast during the summer and will require frequent maintenance to achieve the best look.

Mowing Height: Bermudagrass should be kept between 1 to 1 ½ inches tall.

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