LawnStarter Expands to 2 More Markets

Baton Rouge lawn

Austin, Texas-based LawnStarter, the platform that makes lawn care easy, continues to grow with the addition this spring of two more markets: Baton Rouge, La., and Tallahassee, Fla.

“With the arrival of LawnStarter in Baton Rouge and Tallahassee, lawn care customers in those areas will no longer have to put up with old-school lawn care. Thanks to our online platform and mobile app, LawnStarter makes it quick and easy to set up and manage lawn care services,” says Ryan Farley, co-founder and chief operating officer of LawnStarter.

The two new markets bring the total number of metro areas served by LawnStarter to 12. The other markets are:

  • Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas.
  • Charlotte, N.C.
  • Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, Fla.
  • Nashville, Tenn.
  • Washington, D.C.

Since its founding in 2013, LawnStarter has received more than $7 million in funding. Investors include Binary Capital, Vayner/RSE and Techstars. LawnStarter employs more than 50 people.


John Egan

John Egan is the former editor in chief of Now, he is a freelance writer extraordinaire. He lives in Austin, Texas.