Author: John Egan

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America’s 9 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

“The Voice” judges and celebrity couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton embrace it. So do former President Bill Clinton, actress Natalie Portman, pop superstar Madonna and tennis legend Venus Williams. All of these high-profile people count themselves among the millions of American devotees of veganism. In the U.S., 3% of […]

Outdoor fireplace

Hot Landscaping Trend: Building Fireplaces Outdoors

Is the indoor fireplace flaming out and the outdoor fireplace flaring up? A LawnStarter review of U.S. Census Bureau data shows the percentage of new single-family homes built without indoor fireplaces sits at its highest level since at least 1973. In 2018, according to the Census Bureau, the share of […]

dog-friendly fertilizers for your provo, UT lawn
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Is It OK for Your Dog to Eat Grass?

People who own both dogs and lawns often have a question for their veterinarians: “Why do dogs eat grass?” Grass-eating by dogs is a commonly observed, but rarely studied topic, so there are plenty of opinions. It’s to soothe an upset stomach. It causes them to throw up. It’s to make up for a nutritional deficiency in […]