The Best Grass Types for Your Atlanta, GA Lawn

Grass types Atlanta, GA

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With yearly temperatures ranging from the low 30’s to the low-to-mid 90’s, Atlanta’s climate is perfect for having a gorgeous lawn.  Geographically, it sits right on a transition zone, which means that both warm and cool grass types can be used on lawns. Typically, living in transition zones means you will use a blend of warm and cool grass types to ensure that you’ll have a healthy, lush lawn year-round.


Bermudagrass is the most common grass type you’ll find in Atlanta yards. It’s also used on golf courses, sports fields, and high-trafficked areas due to its tolerance to foot traffic, drought, and cold. That being said, it suffers when grown in a shaded area, so if you do choose to go with Bermuda, you’ll want to make sure that you lay another type of grass in shaded areas of your lawn.

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Centipedegrass is best used in the southern part of Atlanta. It’s an extremely low-maintenance grass type that grows best in warm climates, included drought-stricken areas. When it’s healthy, Centipedegrass is great at fighting off weeds and other grass types.

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Tall Fescue

Fescue is a cool season grass that requires more water in the summer than warm season grasses. You’ll find a need to mow Fescue more frequently in the fall and spring, as those seasons provides optimal growing conditions. That being said, Fescue is a great grass to have in a yard that has both shade and sun as it thrives in either with the right care.

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Zoysia is a warm season grass that is fairly tolerant of cold temperatures, which is great for yards residing in transition zones. The grass is drought resistant, although it will need more watering during the hotter months compared to other warm grass types.  Zoysia thrives in direct sunlight, but can also grow well in partial shade. You’ll find that Zoysia typically has a fine texture, much less than that of St. Augustine.

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St. Augustine

St. Augustine is another popular grass type for the Southeastern United States. It’s a wide-blade grass that works best in high-temperature, sunny areas, especially along coastal landscapes. When it comes to cold weather, St. Augustine isn’t the most tolerant, but it will survive the mild Atlanta winters. Most people will lay down sod or use plugs when adding St. Augustine to their lawns.


Jake Lane

Jake is a growth analyst for LawnStarter.