A Prep Guide to Winter Lawn Care in Tampa

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Even though Tampa experiences mild winters, there are still steps to ensuring that your lawn stays happy and healthy throughout the season. A lot of people think that they should simply leave their lawn be over the winter because it doesn’t grow as fast, but there are ways to help it flourish into the spring. This quick guide will show you how.

Mow Low
Your lawn is going to grow slower in the cooler months, so you may feel you don’t need to cut as often. You’ll want to really keep an eye on your lawn and see when you need to cut it. Leaving it to get long can be an issue because it will shade the grass and not allow valuable sunlight and air to penetrate deep enough. Make sure your lawn mower deck is set lower than usual to get a better cut. That being said, don’t scalp your lawn. Keep your mower in tip-top shape by

Aeration helps loosen the soil that has been compacted by the heat and foot traffic. Once your lawn is aerated, it allows water and air to penetrate deeper into the soil and promote stronger root systems (something you’ll definitely want during the winter). You can typically rent aeration machines from local machine rental businesses or you can hire a professional to come out and do it for you.

Fertilization is an essential part of keeping your yard lush and green. Simply put, fertilizer is like a nutrient-filled snack for your lawn. You really should fertilize more than once to help your lawn thrive, but if you’ve missed the other times, today is a great time to start. Laying down fertilizer right before the winter months will help build strong roots and increase nitrogen storage so your lawn jumps into the spring months healthier than ever.

Overseeding is when you disperse a temporary layer of grass seed into your lawn to help keep it green and lush during the winter months. Since Tampa resides in an area where warm grass types are best suited, some people may not have a grass type that deals with cooler temperatures as well. If that is the case, overseeding with a grass type that thrives in the cooler temperatures will benefit your existing lawn. If you’re not sure of what type of grass your lawn has, consult with a local Tampa lawn care professional and they can help identify your needs.

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Jake Lane

Jake is a growth analyst for LawnStarter.