5 Preparations For Your Nashville Grass This Spring

Nashville, TN Spring Lawn Prep

Yes, it is already spring. And yes, your lawn is one step ahead of you. Don’t worry, it’s not too late. By following these five steps you should have that tedious grass back under control in a matter of weeks.

Be Nice.
Below-freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and other winter weather can cause your lawn to become vulnerable to foot traffic. Yes, it is OK to walk across it. Just make sure you aren’t practicing your step routine on it otherwise you might find a few patches of dirt once the sun comes out.

Test the Soil.
Take a sample of your soil and have it tested. The results yield what species of grass, plants, and other natural organisms excel in that environment. In turn, you will have to spend less time worrying about what your lawn needs and more time out enjoying it.

Treat the Roots.
It doesn’t matter how frequently you water your lawn if it is not reaching the roots of it. Deep watering not only helps nourish the roots of grass and other plants, but also preserve its well-being during a drought. Even if the topsoil dries out, a healthy root will retain its moisture much longer.

Keep the Weeds Under Control.
Whether you use Scott’s from Home Depot or a professional service, there is a good chance that annual weeds will still pop up here and there in your lawn. Don’t trust the fertilizer to take care of it! Weeds, no matter how long they sit in your lawn, suffocate the grass and plants surrounding it. Take a couple of minutes every other day to pick a few weeds in your lawn, you won’t regret it.

Mow Frequently.
Mowing your lawn to an inch or two in length may seem like the solution to extending the time between mows. Unfortunately, it usually does more harm than good. Thin and short blades of grass become increasingly more vulnerable to weeds and other diseases seeking to take root in your lawn. Although a seasonal scalp can set you up for treatments, you usually want to never cut off more than half of the grass blade. In short, put your mower on the highest setting!

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Clem Banaszak-Hall