The Top 5 Majestic Lawns in Virginia Beach, VA (November 2016)

A house in Virginia by the beach

Virginia Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is surrounded by water. It is also laced with water: rivers, bays, creeks, and lakes with 121 miles of navigable waterways. Our point here is that there are miles and miles of waterfront property and acres and acres of residential property. Many of those residences are exceptional examples of outstanding architecture and landscape design.

We’ve selected five of those waterfront homes and their expansive lawns to highlight. Check them out below!

1. Palatial Sanctuary on Inlet Road

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This is a spectacular estate on the Lynnhaven River, a quiet world with only a strip of road connecting it to the mainland. It has the appeal of a private island, surrounded on three sides by water and breathtaking views. The estate includes a gunite pool, pool house, boat dock, and boat house.

Sycamore trees encircle the complex of buildings. A lush carpet of lawn slopes down to the river. Palm trees and potted plants decorate the pool area with dots of color in the yellow and white day lilies.

Our favorite of this favorite: An oak tree leans gracefully over the river, defying gravity.

2. Glorious Grandeur on Lynndale Road

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Why we like it:

Seven acres of astonishing beauty on Little Neck Cove. This home is a showplace of both architecture and landscape design on a private peninsula.

The lawn is perfectly manicured and the shrubbery tucked up against the home neatly trimmed. Throughout the property are lavish displays of flora worthy of any arboretum. Among them, gardens and unpaved lanes overflowing with pink and white rhododendron and bright yellow pansies.

Our favorite of this favorite: A tree house made from weathered wood tucked into the gnarled arms of an oak tree.

3. Secluded Manor on Lynndale Road

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

Glorious Grandeur’s neighbor on Little Neck Cove! This opulent estate sits on eight verdant acres. Like its neighbor, it also is bordered on three sides by blue expanses of water. The long and impressive driveway of pavers winds past an immaculately kept lawn. The mature trees and imaginatively trimmed shrubbery are distinguished by their neat beds of mulch. Pops of color are provided by pink azalea bushes, and abundant vines of purple clematis embellish wrought-iron fences.

Our favorite of this favorite: A circular garden rimmed with velvet boxwoods and, appropriately enough, river rocks.

4. Regal Estate on Caton Drive

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This incomparable Nantucket-styled home and its four acres sit on a peninsula reaching out into the deep royal blue of Linkhorn Bay. An exquisite forest of mature oak and pine trees spreads throughout the property. Closer to the home is a thick, emerald green lawn and tidy hedges. A driveway of pavers is lined with magnificent pink and purple hydrangeas and angel white lilacs.

Our favorite of this favorite: An unspoiled piece of beach with a bar in a tiki hut and the most ingenious hand-carved tiki stools.

5. First-class Fantasy on Fifty-fifth Street

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This is a stunning home with amazing views of Crystal Lake. The front view of the home shows it curving into the shoreline of the lake and surrounded by a brilliant array of trees provided by nature and innovative arrangements of greenery provided by a landscape designer.

A rear view shows us the land that juts out toward the lake framed with a wall of limestone rocks. The landscape is filled with many of the elements used in English gardens: the pathways of flagstone that meander through the geometric design with a fire pit as a focal point; the repetition of boxwoods; and the variety of shapes and shades of green that both unite the design and add eye appeal.

Our favorite of this favorite: the terraced gardens that lead down to the water with patches of pale yellow day lilies and coral-pink dwarf rhododendron.

There are a countless number of majestic lawns in Virginia Beach, both on the water and land-bound. You surely can select your own top fiveā€”or more!

Have questions about lawn care? Visit our Virginia Beach lawn care page or share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Lois Crouse