Author: Lois Crouse

New Orleans, LA

6 Grass Types for New Orleans, Louisiana

Check out our New Orleans lawn services page for all of your New Orleans lawn service needs.  In New Orleans, you don’t have to weigh the pros and cons of warm-season grasses against cool season. You are solidly in the warm/humid climate zone. Warm-season grasses are used to scorching sun […]

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New Orleans, LA

Spring Lawn Care in New Orleans, Louisiana

Prepping your lawn for spring? Save time and hassle by booking lawn care through our New Orleans lawn care page.  So much to do, so little time. Your spring calendar might fill up with any number of things: festivals (Jazz and Voodoo Music), parades (St. Patrick’s Day and Easter), concerts […]

Richmond, VA

5 Weeds Common to Richmond, Virginia

Check out our Richmond lawn care page to see how we are able to make your yard be weed-free.  In the spring, nature bursts forth in Richmond. Cherry trees blossom, azalea bushes flower, peonies open. And weeds gear up to attack. The sooner you get on the situation the better. […]

Richmond, VA

5 Majestic Lawns in Richmond, Virginia

Need your majestic lawn serviced? Check out our Richmond lawn services page.  Richmond has long been associated with impressive lawns. An hour or so away, at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson established one of the first lawns ever in this country. He had long been been interested in the cultivation of fruit, […]

Richmond, VA

Spring Lawn Care in Richmond, Virginia

Prepping your lawn for spring? Save time and hassle by booking lawn care through our Richmond lawn care page.  Richmond has a bunch of fun things to do in the spring. You could fill up your calendar. The Richmond International Film Festival presents more than 100 films complete with a […]

Nashville, TN

5 Mulch Types for Nashville, Tennessee, Lawns

Why deal with the hassle of mulching? Save time by booking an online appointment with LawnStarter Nashville’s lawn care.  Mulch keeps Nashville landscapes healthy and looking snazzy. Such a small touch adds so much value: It amps up the appearance while taking extraordinary care of your plants while saving you […]