Flipping a house is something a lot of homeowners take pride in. It takes patience and, for most projects, a little bit of saving up to do. It’s not easy to flip an entire house at once, and the exterior may not be the first thing on the list. Luckily, there are some simple and affordable upgrades that will spruce up your yard in no time. Here are a few ways to help eliminate the stress of an unorganized yard while not dipping into your remodeling budget. 

Yard Sprinkler

Show your lawn some love

First things first, lawn care maintenance is a must if you want the greenery surrounding your home to truly pop. The three essentials for lawn care include mowing, fertilizing, and watering.

Additional tips for lawn care include removing any weeds, branches, debris, and any unwanted plants. This is pertinent for a healthy and lush lawn. Mulch or gravel is crucial to help to keep the soil moist. Refreshing this will solidify the neutral tones that complement the rest of your landscaping.

Add color to your landscaping

Aside from a healthy looking lawn, adding a vegetable garden, flower bed, or colorful shrubs will give it an extra oomph! Starting a vegetable garden might take some time and extra work, but can help fill negative space and potentially inspire farm-to-table cooking.

If maintaining a vegetable garden is not in the books for you, adding colorful plants in flower pots around your front door and patio can have a visually stimulating impact as well.  

Spruced Up Yard Flowers

Repaint window frames and doors

The front of your home is naturally a focal point, as it is the face of your home. It is suggested that a red door or bright exterior color, currently trending in Raleigh, can significantly boost your curb appeal. Try adding a fresh coat of paint on your front door and check for minor touch-ups along your door and window frames.

Install outdoor lighting

You don’t have to get crazy with wall light fixtures, you can buy inexpensive ones and spray paint accordingly to match your homes’ siding. If you’re looking for additional lighting around pathways, look into solar pathway lights or solar rock landscape lights. Solar powered outdoor lighting is great because it’s powered entirely by the sun! There is no battery or extra electrical work necessary.

To incorporate more mood enhancing lighting, try hanging Edison string lights over any uncovered parts of your patio or along fencing. Candles and tiki torches can also add more intimate and relaxed lighting while simultaneously repel mosquitos.

Spruced Up Yard Furniture

Update old furniture pieces

Just because it wasn’t labeled as outdoor furniture does mean it can’t be used outdoors. It can be easy to find inexpensive chairs, tables, and accent pieces that are made out of weather permitting materials. Using them as part of your outdoor furniture can add an upcycled or rustic chic touch, depending on your style.  

Get creative when and where you can, the little fixes can make all the difference when trying to make the exterior of your home photo worthy.

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