8 Native Plants to Deltona, FL Perfect for Your Landscape


The Sunshine State is known for its favorable weather. You’ll find plants that naturally thrive here both in gardens and forests. These plants are good for the environment since they require less water. They also help to attract and feed pollinators in the area. Native plants need much less maintenance which is a selling point for Florida gardeners. Check out these eight native plants to Deltona, FL perfect for your yard or landscape.


tickseedDon’t let the name fool you. Tickseed is a bright flower that’s well known for its ability to spring up anywhere in Florida. The small blooms can be either yellow, white, purple, or pink and are easy to spot. The plant gets its name from its small tick-shaped seeds that seem to catch on passerby animals making it easy to spread to other areas. There are a few different variations of Tickseed, both annuals, and perennials. Plant them in a spot near a window or outdoor living space to watch the birds and butterflies visit.


milkweedWell known as an essential part of the butterfly habitat, Milkweed is native to Florida with 24 species to choose from. This plant offers beautiful and vibrant blooms that appear during the spring and summer seasons. You’ll find milkweed will attract all kinds of pollinators including hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.


beautyberryAlso known as American Mulberry, the beautyberry is a Floridian native that offers stunning purple berries that attract a wide range of area birds. Beautyberry is a small native shrub that can reach up to 8 feet tall at maturity. Some Deltona gardeners choose to prune the plant to keep it more compact. It’s best planted in the garden as a border or as a privacy plant. Beautyberry will bloom pale pink flowers during the spring and summer which will turn into beautiful purple berries by early fall. The berries densely line the stems of the plant making this native specimen an easy choice to add extra color to the garden.

Southern Magnolia

southern magnoliaWe can’t make a list about the top Deltona plants without mentioning the southern magnolia. This Florida staple is well known for its ability to grow impressively large while also offering rich white blooms that are perfect for Florida’s climate. South Magnolias are a tried and true tree variety that does well in a garden with plenty of space. Some smaller cultivars are available as well to make sure that you don’t have future growth problems with roots and branches.


firebushThis native shrub is popular among birds and butterflies given their bright red blooms that can last many months. Firebush is a woody shrub known for its ability to withstand almost any ailment. This easy plant can grow in a wide range of soil conditions and is best used in a mixed border or as a hedge.

Muhly Grass

pink muhly grassMuhly grass is an ornamental grass that’s easy to grow and offers fall interest to your garden. It offers soft purple plumes that can grow up to 5 feet tall in the fall. You’ll find this grass naturally among coastal uplands and pine flatwood areas in the state, but many residents are choosing to use this stunning plant in cultivated gardens as well.

Swamp Lily

river lilyAlso known as String Lily, this plant is a delicate native flower that enjoys humid and wet conditions. Swamp lily is a natural choice for Deltona residents given the many surrounding lakes and water features in the area. This plant will grow 2-3 feet tall and blooms thin petaled droopy flowers that produce a pleasant fragrance. Plant this water-loving flower in a very wet spot that sometimes floods or is too wet for other native species.

Railroad Vine

railroad vineOpen bare spots in the garden can be easily covered by planting native railroad vine. This low-growing groundcover will put out runners and quickly fill in those empty spots. Railroad vine does well in the Deltona climate given its ability to handle the salty air near the ocean. This plant can get out of hand because of its tenacity to spread, so make sure to plant it in a large enough area or prune it to size. The Railroad Vine offers pink flowers that are trumpet-shaped making it an interesting addition to any garden as well.

Consider any of these eight native plants for your Deltona garden to add beauty to your yard. Need additional help? Visit our Deltona lawn care page for more info!


Rachel Vogel