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A Guide To Specialty Landscaping Services

Though we mainly deal with lawn maintenance at LawnStarter, we occasionally get requests for specialty services. This makes sense – while good lawn maintenance will make your lawn look great, the right specialty services will make your lawn look immaculate. Today, I wanted to outline some of the most impactful […]


The Top 8 Most Beautiful State Capitol Lawns

State Capitol Buildings are among the most beautiful buildings in the nation. Most were built by hand over a century ago and carry design and attention to detail that modern buildings today simply do not have. Even the more modern capitol buildings carry with them a regal overtone, towering over […]


The Top 10 Best Landscaped Colleges – South

With the blessing of temperate climates and nearly year round growing conditions, the south is a breeding ground for impeccably green lawns. Colleges here, while noted for their football programs and tailgating, are also noted for their stunning campus landscaping. In the past few weeks, LawnStarter has looked at the best […]