Fall Lawn Care Guide for San Diego Homeowners

Fall can mean different things to each person, but what generally comes to mind is cooler temperatures, sporting events and time with loved ones. If you plan to spend some time at home in your backyard, you want a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. With a beautiful lawn and garden to enjoy, you’re ready to spend evenings and weekends relaxing in your own oasis. Get started on creating your outdoor haven with these fall lawn care tips for San Diego.


Get your lawn ready for the winter and to come back strong next spring with an application of fertilizer this fall. You can either use an organic compost or mulch or a chemical based fertilizer with the nutrients your yard needs. This helps the roots settle down for the cooler months as well as strengthens them for when the lawn will green up again come spring.


Do you have a lot of bare spots due to heavy use this summer or just spots that have never really filled in this year? If you have some brown patches of dirt or dead grass, you can spread some new seed to fill in those areas. Seed when temperatures are cooler give those new seeds enough water so they can germinate and apply a slow-release fertilizer to help it grow.

Rake up leaves and debris

A quick fall clean-up every so often is necessary to keep the lawn debris-free. Sun and water still need to be able to get to the grass, so raking up fallen leaves, twigs, and branches is key to this. You can also use a thatch rake to break up the layer of thatch that’s developed on top of the soil, which will help the fertilizer application get down to the soil.

Prevent Weeds

You may not think about the weeds that can arrive during the winter, but doing a preventive pre-emergent herbicide application in the mid to late fall can help you spend less time pulling weeds during the holidays.


Depending on what type of grass you have, the growth may slow down as the weather cools off. But even as that growth slows, you should keep mowing to the correct height to keep the grass as healthy as possible. The dormant grass will come back next spring, so the steps you take this fall can help you when the temperatures warm up again.

Continue watering

Just like mowing, you should continue watering the lawn this fall. Healthy grass starts in the soil, so don’t let the roots dry out. Keep the soil nice and moist, just as you would during the active growing season of the spring and summer.

So whether you plan to overseed, fertilize or just keep doing what you’ve been doing–watering and mowing regularly–fall is a great time to check in on your lawn care routine. For additional help with your fall lawn care, visit our San Diego lawn care page to get in touch with a professional. 


Jennifer Klemmetson